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Forum a Disgrace to the Industry that is NOT Affiliated with SR

July 28, 2017 // In Supplement Scams // By


Earlier this year, I received a PM from a member, Chuntz, tipping me off about a potential copycat website called “”.  He had received a request from a (now deleted) Instagram account and had to do a double-take before he realized it had nothing to do with SR.


I told him that there were a lot of copycats out there and this one would probably disappear from the web in a matter of months, just like the rest of the copycats.


However, I recently discovered that they did not disappear, and they are beating sites like WebMD, Examine, GNC, and Amazon for a lot of very popular search terms, including the term “Testosterone Booster”:


If their page on Testosterone Boosters was a well-written, balanced and highly researched report about Testosterone Booster supplements, I wouldn’t be too surprised.  I’d still be pretty inquisitive as to why a no-name supplement site is outranking four of the biggest health sites on the internet.


Sadly,’s page on Testosterone Boosters simply lists 10 “recommended” scammy products that offer a large payout if you click the link on their site and buy them.  We’ll go through each, one-by-one, and then take a look into how they spammed their way to the #1 spot on Google. only recommends products that offer a massive commission.


At the top of the page, they claim:


After what seemed like an endless amount of research, we’ve finally discovered what we believe to be the top 10 testosterone boosters on the market.


Really?  An endless amount of research finding the highest-paying commissions and testing to see which earn you the most money?


They also mention:


Note: It is generally recommended that testosterone boosters be used for 2-3 months and combined with regular exercise for best results.


Of course they say that you should buy a few months worth.  That will make their commission checks much larger!


At the bottom of their list they also go on to say:


we highly recommend that you choose between the top 5 on this list, as those are hands down the most effective


It’s no surprise that every single product on this list offers a massive affiliate commission.  We’ll show you exactly how much stands to earn on each sale:


#1: TestoTek



So the number one product that seems to be plastered all over is a product from TEK Naturals called TestoTEK.  You’d think that it must be really good if it’s earned the #1 spot on their Testosterone Booster list in addition to a permanent banner at the top of their sidebar...


However, TEK Naturals actually sent out 3 bottles to our reviewers and guess what?  Not one of them actually recommended the product.  TestoTEK received a 6, 6 and 5.5 overall rating from our reviewers, making it one of the lowest-ranked Testosterone Boosters on our site:



So why does have it listed as #1?


What’s interesting here is that none of our three reviewers stand to benefit in any way by spinning their reviews positively.  They earn ZERO dollars in commission whether they give it a 10/10 or 0/10, so they are in a position where they can review it honestly.


On the other hand, whoever is behind seems to be both writing the reviews and collecting commission on sales, which is a glaring conflict of interest.  Let’s take a look at how much money this scam-artist stands to make:


Using their 10% discount code, the total price for one bottle is $63.00.  The 6-bottle bundle is $319.96.  


The “invite-only” affiliate program ( pays out up to 40% commission.  This means that stands to earn between $25.20 and $127.98 per order.  Also, the affiliate manager at TEK Naturals told me that “All 3 of the product are selling like crazy”.


So now we’re beginning to see why someone might rank TestoTEK as #1 - it’s the money.


Let’s stop for a second and compare this to what we’re earning here on SR.  


At the time of writing, the #1 product in our Natural Testosterone Boosters category is D-Pol.  It achieved that rank based on the reviews from our members - members that do not receive a penny in commission, so you know it’s the merits and effectiveness of the product that got it there.


This is a product that can be purchased at a number of retailers for as low as $22.  We get an average of 10% commission if you click the link at the top, meaning we earn about two bucks on a sale.


Compare that to the product is intentionally placing at #1 on their site, a product that earns them nearly 12x the revenue as our top product.


Conflict of interest?  Absolutely.


#2: Testogen



Here’s another product that looked extremely overpriced and underdosed when we examined it, but since it offers a 40% affiliate commission, it made it’s way to #2 on the list.


Let’s do the math again.  With the 10% off code, one bottle is $49.46, and the 5-bottle package is $161.96.


With a 40% commission, stands to earn between $19.78 and $64.78 every time they swindle a new customer.  


As you can see, their potential payout with their #2 recommendation is a little lower than with their #1 recommendation, which might explain why TestoTEK got the #1 spot and Testogen got the #2 spot.


#3: Prime Male


Coming in at #3 is another overpriced and underdosed product that offers slightly smaller bounty on referred sales.  With only a 30% commission from Stacked Brands, it makes sense it only ranks #3 on the’s list of “recommended” testosterone boosters.


#4: TestoFuel


Just like Prime Male, Stacked Brands also offers a 30% commission on TestoFuel.  I was able to dig up a thread on a popular affiliate marketing forum where Stacked Brands is promoting their affiliate program by saying “the website has been built to convert”.  


#5: Nugenix


While I can’t find the affiliate info on Nugenix, it has all the signs of an textbook affiliate scam, and it is one of the lowest rated products on SR.  Somehow still recommended by…


#6: Monster T


We just published a post on how Monster T takes the textbook supplement scam to a whole new level.


#7: Crazy Bulk - Testosterone Max


Seriously, Crazy Bulk?  Anyone recommending a Crazy Bulk or Crazy Mass product instantly loses all credibility.  Here’s our post showing that Crazy Bulk is a copy-cat scam of Crazy Mass.


#8: TestRX


Yet another textbook affiliate scam that offers 30-50% commission.


#9: TestoRush


I had trouble finding any info on this product, mainly because when I clicked the link to order it, I was just redirected to the Testogen site.  This is a common practice with affiliate sites - redirecting expired offers into current ones.  TestoRush/Testogen - same difference, right?


#10: Test x180 Ignite


We don’t have much info on the “Ignite” version of this product, but here’s an old review from the Test x180 product that exposes Force Factor to be nothing but a scam: Force Factor it’s not!  Wimp Factor it is!


So it’s clear that is taking advantage of customers for their own financial gain, but that still doesn’t explain why Google is ranking them as #1…


How did Steal the #1 Spot on Google?


Spam backlinks.  I’m actually shocked that straight-up blog comment spam is still effective with Google in 2017.  It’s unclear how long it will be before Google catches on and penalizes them, but our research shows a lot of spammy links pointing to  Here are a few examples:






Anyone who recommends this garbage to earn a commission loses all credibility.


Looking at the products on’s top list and their shady marketing tactics show that they don’t care about their visitors, and they are only looking to make the most possible money.  They have no interest or respect for the viewers of their content - they are just looking to make as much cash from unsuspecting consumers before they’re called out and squashed by Google.  


Let this be a lesson that it always pays to stay critical of what you read on the internet.  Always check multiple sources.  Be critical of any supplements that are “too good to be true”.  


I’ll be keeping an eye on and posting an update here once I notice Google finally taking some much-needed action against these scammers.


  • July 3, 2018

    Wow.... someones jealous about sharing the affiliate wealth. Every one of your links is an affiliate link. How bout you grow up, stop your little smear campaign, and focus on better content and a prettier, more functional website. Nobody likes a bitter loser.

  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    July 5, 2018

    @youratool - Hey Nate, I understand that you worked with Christian on this website ( and you are clearly offended that someone called you out on your complete disregard for ethics. Care to share your relationship with the #1 rated brand on the site, TekNaturals?

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