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Forum Owned by Momentum Nutrition - Can it Still be Unbiased?

May 10, 2016 // In Supplement Scams // By

If you’ve searched around for supplement reviews online, odds are that you’ve come across the website  They claim to be an unbiased supplement reviews site, but we’ve recently found out this may not be the case.


Our friends over at Stack3d is where we found the initial post on the matter:


This story was originally broken on Instagram here:


Essentially, someone checked the registration information on the domain, and it clearly shows that it is registered to the owner of Momentum Nutrition.  We checked it ourselves and this is what we found:



Some whois services are now showing that the registration info has been set to private.  Obviously they are busy trying to cover their tracks.


Currently, when we try to access, it shows that it’s “currently unavailable”.  I assume the owner took it down until the heat settles down.  However, google still has some cached versions of the page to prove that they were rating their own products at the top of their lists.


Top 10 Pre-Workout Supplement list shows their own product as #1: (This link might expire soon, so try checking the original version here:


Coincidence?  That’s for you to decide.


We noticed that the first article on the homepage of the site is titled “The Origin of”.  We dug up a cached version and read what they had to say.  Clearly this was in response to the recent allegations about the site being owned by Momentum Nutrition, LLC and rating their products as #1: (This link might expire soon, so try checking the original version here:


Let’s go through his explanation:


In the end of 2014, I made a decision to leave alone and create my own supplement company.  I passed control of to a friend of mine and set out to create Momentum Nutrition.

Interesting.  You didn’t say that you sold or passed ownership of the site to a friend.  You used the word “control”, which is pretty vague.  Furthermore, not only did you not transfer ownership of the domain to your friend, you even updated the whois on the domain to Momentum Nutrition (since you claim that Momentum was created AFTER SuppWithThat, so at some point after starting SuppWithThat, you must have updated the registration info to Momentum Nutrition).


...everyone has their own subconscious biases that they aren’t even aware of, but that render their views inapplicable to others…


So, for example, owning a supplement company and rating your own products as #1?


Momentum Nutrition products are formulated using the same criteria I developed for evaluating supplements on  Science-backed ingredients, clinically effective doses, and absolute transparency.


I don’t think it’s “absolute transparency” if you rate your own products as #1 and don’t tell anyone about the connection until called out on it.


Anyone who assumes is not credible simply because I founded it and now own a supplement company is looking at it all backwards.


If you feel like Momentum Nutrition doesn’t deserve a top spot in the categories we’re in just because I spent years reviewing other supplements before ultimately electing to create my own brand, you’re confused


Maybe you need to re-read your own quote of “everyone has their own subconscious biases that they aren’t even aware of”.


Ultimately, hiding this connection from readers is a direct violation of the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines.


The FTC website makes it pretty clear that you are required to disclose a material connection to the product you are endorsing:


Your spokesperson should disclose her connection when promoting your products outside of traditional advertising media (in other words, on programming that consumers won’t recognize as paid advertising). The same guidance also would apply to comments by the expert in her blog or on her website.


This connection is clearly something that would affect how your readers weight your ranking your own product as #1 on your site.  The fact that you didn’t mention this connection on your site until someone called you out on it is pretty telling that you didn’t want anyone to know.


Again, be critical of your sources!


This is not the only “unbiased review site” we’ve discovered to be hiding a clear bias from their readers.  Check out the dirt we found on  Even reviews on and Amazon can be extremely misleading.  Remember to stay critical of your sources and do your own research before making purchase decisions.



  • McHuge
    Rep: 0
    June 3, 2016

    It's about time someone noticed this. Clearly when you own the supplements ranked high or highest on the review site that you also own, you're a scammer. It doesn't matter how good your product is. Either run a supplement company or run a review site Matthew - don't be another shady supplement company owner trying to hoodwink customers. And the fact that your site is still posting reviews on competitor products 3 weeks after being exposed, shows what a dirty motherfucker you are.

    What I find also disturbing is Suppwiththat don't even use or try many of the supplements they review. They're reviewing supplements based on Supplement Facts panels only - they don't mention taste or anything other than doses and often have reviews up before the products come out (clearly to take advantage of SEO using other brands names)


  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    June 3, 2016

    Good point, McHuge. Lots of so-called "unbiased supplement review sites" are taking a similar approach. Listing the products in the top spots which earn them the most money. Reviewing products without actually trying them out. Trying to "hoodwink" customers lol!

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