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Forum Owned by Wannabe 1st Phorm Sponsored Athlete

June 7, 2017 // In Supplement Scams // By is a site that popped onto my radar recently.  Not because they were promoting affiliate rebill offers, or hosting thousands of shill reviews, but because every single one of their #1 recommended products seemed to be from the same brand: 1st Phorm.


The homepage on makes some pretty honest sounding claims:



Feeling skeptical as usual, I checked out their “Best Of” section and found a total of 5 “top” lists on their site:

  • Nootropics

  • Fat burners for men

  • Fat burners for women

  • Protein

  • Pre-Workouts


Coincidentally, the number one recommended product for every single category is from the brand: 1st Pharm:


Nootropics: 1st Phorm Masterbrain


Fat Burner for Men: 1st Pharm Royal 21 King System


Fat Burner for Women: 1st Pharm 21 Queen System



Pre-Workout: 1st Phorm Megawatt HD V2


Protein: 1st Pharm Phormula 1


This is huge red flag; let’s look deeper.


So it’s already pretty obvious that this site has a massive bias towards one specific brand - even though they claim to “skip all the marketing hype”.  I wanted to see if I could find a connection between the creator of the site and the brand 1st Phorm.


My first thought was that the site would have been created by the owner, much like was created by the owner of Momentum Nutrition.   I thought the best place to start was finding out who is behind


First, I checked the domain whois, but that has been set to private.  Then I checked the actual page for a “contact” or “about” page to see if there’s any info, but there was none listed in the navigation or the footer.


I could tell the site was built on wordpress, so I just tried entering URLs into the browser until I found this one: (it was actually my first try).



Great!  We’ve got an email address!


A little bit of googling and we find that this guy calls himself “Rave Degrave”.



Some more googling found that he was spamming links on various forums.  Here’s a post on the myfitnesspal community where he asks about a 1st Phorm product (using his real name) even though he is literally linking to his own review that he wrote:



Some further googling reveals his twitter account, where he calls himself a “1st Phorm MVL”:



Update 6/9/17: Suspicion confirmed:



I also found his Youtube channel where he has a promo video for 1st Phorm:



So what is a 1st Phorm MVL?  This stands for Most Valuable Legionnaire, and the details can be found here:



Hmm, seems like somewhat of a rep position to me, and a track to become a sponsored athlete.


Rave DeGrave fails to disclose this relationship.


A big part of writing honest content is disclosing any affiliation you have to the products that you are reviewing.  Intentionally hiding this information is incredibly shady and not fair to those who are reading and trusting your website to provide honest information.  “Rave DeGrave” ranks all the 1st Phorm products as #1 for every single category, and doesn’t care to mention that he’s an MVL for the brand.  Readers deserve to know the truth.



  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,098
    June 7, 2017

    I still find this amazingly funny. You would think that sooner or later people would get it. However the law of averages means they probably won't.

  • bzyczek
    Rep: +1,736
    June 8, 2017

    Arshole ...

  • June 9, 2017

    This is why we love We get brutally honest feedback, get back to the drawing board and refocus our formulas. It has worked out very well, and we will continue to ship you all products as part of our R/D process and improvement system. Thank you all!

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