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Plexus Slim - Prop Blend, Possible Toxicity and User Complaints

December 11, 2017 // In Supplement Scams // By Jimenez2K

Plexus Slim has been one of the more popular weight loss supplements of the last few years, and after looking at its ingredient profile, that fact will definitely strike you as surprising. There is nothing impressive about the ingredients used in this liquid, drink-based supplement, but at a still closer look, other problems rear their heads too. We'll take a detailed look at every one of them below.


First though: what exactly does Plexus Slim promise to accomplish?




As you can see above, the list of promises is decidedly more toned-down than what you'll get in this regard from other such supplement peddlers. The explanation to that might be that the seller of this product had in fact had a run-in with the FDA some time ago, and that it was warned to tone down its marketing language. More on that below though.


You will also notice that almost every one of those statements bears an asterisk. At the bottom of the homepage, due explanation is provided:




With that in mind, it's clear that what the Benefits section of the Plexus Slim homepage tells us is: here are some generic claims we absolutely cannot guarantee. What we can tell you for sure is that this product contains a clinically studied XOS prebiotic and that it also incorporates a patent pending formula (fancy talk for prop blend). Now that really is toned-down, isn't it?


The price on the other hand is not toned down at all: for a bag of the supplement, which delivers 30 servings in smaller bags, of which two have to be taken each day, you will cough up some $88. At least the shipping seems to be free, though if you are not in the US, that is probably not the case. As some reviewers have pointed out, going on the Plexus Slim "diet" will cost you more than $5 per day.


The Plexus Slim Sales Pitch


Sold on a subpage of, Plexus Slim is not all about hype created through stolen pictures and faked testimonials (although, it may in fact indulge a bit in the latter of those sins). Its claimed virtues are extolled within the limits of common sense, and follow-up sales are attempted through the peddling of combo packs. One such pack includes a bag of Plexus Slim, augmented by two bottles of ProBio 5 pills, for $150. Another pack slaps a Plex Accelerator and a Plex Block onto a bag of Plexus Slim, for $153.


The only problem with these "combos" is that Accelerator capsules have been identified as toxic by the Department of Health of the Australian Government.


Australia warning.jpg


If - having read that - you are still excited to take this supplement, go ahead and have at it. For me, this warning is enough of a turn-off to never ever consider touching it.


Plexus Slim User Feedback


If it's warnings you need though, you do not have to rely solely on the Government of Australia to provide them. The Amazon page of the product - which is notoriously easy to pump full of fake positive reviews) is another channel through which you can expose yourself to negative feedback - this time coming from people who have presumably used the supplement.


Amazon 1.jpg


The vast majority of reviewers have indeed only thought the product worthy of ratings of 1 or 2 stars. Here's a closer look at what some of them had to say:


Amazon 2.jpg


Of these - also considering the ingredient-profile - probably the top one (Meh) sounds the most reasonable. Then again, casting judgment is easy for someone not ridden with explosive diarrhea, coupled with intense stomach cramps.


Plexus Slim's Background (or: Who Makes This Stuff?)


Answering that question is not at all as easy as one would expect it to be. The casual observer would be quick to point it out that Plexus Worldwide LLC are the manufacturer, as it's logically deduced from the official website copy. That casual observer would be wrong though: the product label clearly states that Plexus Slim is distributed by Plexus Worldwide. The manufacturer of the supplement is clearly different, although who really makes this, we're never told. It could be anyone really, from just about any country. What's clear from all this is that Plexus Slim is little more than your white label supplement, churned out by a factory that supports such white label operations. That - in and of itself - clearly defines the quality of this product.


While it is not the actual producer of this supplement, Plexus Worldwide LLC is in fact a legitimate corporate entity, with its own BBB (Better Business Bureau) page.


BBB page.jpg


The customer feedback here, as you can see, is overwhelmingly negative. Most of these complaints are aimed at the billing practices of the operation, which regularly fails to cancel subscriptions and continues charging its users' credit cards, without permission. The quality of the products is sometimes complained about as well.


The Plexus Slim Ingredient Profile




At 1,000 mg per serving, Xylooligosaccharide is arguably the main active ingredient of the supplement. It is essentially a (superior) form of sugar, extracted from wood, which can support gut bacteria, thus contributing to the overall health of the digestive system.


At 200 mcg, Chromium (derived from chromium polynicotinate) is indeed a rather impactful ingredient. The main problem with chromium is always linked to its potential toxicity. According to WebMD and Livestrong the recommended daily dose of the mineral is in the 30-50 mcg range. By comparison, through 2 daily servings, Plexus Slim delivers 400 mcg.


The side effects of overdosing on Chromium include dizziness, headaches, dermatitis and upset stomach, in addition to a host of other potential problems. When overdosed, chromium has been known to aggravate various existing conditions.


The remaining 531 mg of the supplement is made up of the Plexus Slim Blend, which contains Green Coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia extract, Mulbery fruit extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid.


Green Coffee bean extract is meant to rev up the metabolism and to improve blood sugar levels. Many supplement peddlers made bold (and unrealistic) claims about the weight loss effects of Green Coffee extract, until the FDA decided to crack down on them, handing out a number of fines. The bottom line is that Green Coffee bean extract is not a particularly potent weight loss compound.


The clinical relevance of Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss supplement is non-existent. Studies have revealed that there is not much point in chasing this angle anymore.


Alpha Lipoic Acid on the other hand, has exhibited small, short-term weight loss effects according to this study. Further research is needed to determine whether these effects are indeed significant and consistent.




Looking strictly at its ingredient profile, Plexus Slim looks like the definition of a dud. It can't do much, and according to user-feedback, is doesn't. Its numerous side effects combined with the shoddy science that backs it up, make the $88 purchase price look ridiculous.


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