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LA Muscle Male Boost - Boosts the Ego...and Probably Not Much Else

October 9, 2017 // In Supplement Scams // By Jimenez2K

LA Muscle's Male Boost is an alleged testosterone/libido/muscle mass booster, which claims to boost one's confidence as well. You can't make this up. While a boost in confidence may indeed result from effects of the kind that Male Boost claims as its own, it is indeed quite quirky to make a direct claim like that.


Like most of the testosterone and muscle-enhancing products I regularly review, LA Muscle's Male Boost claims an all-natural approach, which is suspicious from the get-go. Mainstream science is generally very skeptical when it comes to herbal testosterone boosting, and that skepticism is well-founded indeed. Unfortunately, in this case too, I have to conclude that this testosterone booster is most probably a dud.


What exactly does Male Boost promise though, and for what cost?




The promises are straightforward and brief. In fact, their brevity conveys a degree of boldness, which - at first glance - stems from confidence in the capabilities of the supplement - or so one would think. At a closer look, this bravery may in fact be fuelled by the knowledge that the no one is in any way responsible for any of those statements.




It has to be noted that the product is sold by a company that looks legit. It sells other bodybuilding supplements which do indeed look good, with the right ingredients and properly dosed. Male Boost is not one of these supplements though, no matter how we turn it around.


The more time one spends on the LA Muscle site, the more convinced he/she becomes that this is indeed a legitimate operator, and the less sense this whole Male Boost fiasco makes. At a truly close look though, not everything is right in LA Muscle-land.


The site claims that it received an award for one (some?) of its products from Men's Health Magazine, and that may indeed be true. The problem is that I didn't find anything in the .com version of the said prestigious magazine about LA Muscle. In  the version, I did locate one of their similarly shady-looking products in a listing of recommended supplements. The product is called Premium Male Herb, and it has a few comments towards the bottom of the page which are head-scratchers, to say the least.


Men's Health.jpg


That's not where the real head-scratching begins though. As you run a Google search for the supplement, you'll encounter an eBay listing, which has the product priced at GBP 30, the equivalent of almost $40. The problem is, that at the official site, the price is GBP 50, so a little over $65. That's quite the difference, and I can't help but wonder how it is possible.




Now, you will probably say that this is just some disillusioned buyer trying to claw back some of his losses on the scam, but that is not the case. The listed seller is LA Muscle, or at least a person proudly representing the official peddler. How such a large price-difference is possible under such circumstances, is beyond me.

What's still more confusing is the feedback in the comment section available below the listing.


LA Muscle Feedback.jpg


While the comments may not refer strictly to the product listed, they do indeed refer to LA Muscle and/or its various products.


Male Boost's Background (or Who Makes This s...stuff?)


This is yet another red flag. Not only are the LA Muscle reps not willing to tell the public who makes this product, they get brash and visibly irritated by the question.




Of course there's a reason why I'm requesting it. It's a product I'm about to in put it in my body and allow my digestive system to soak it up into my're right though. Why ever would I want to know such trivia? You're telling me it's good stuff and that you have your own manufacturers...which could be located in a region of the globe without any quality/health standards to uphold in this regard.


The LA Muscle Male Boost Marketing Effort


Although LA Muscle only give their affiliates a 10% cut on products like Male Boost, there are a number of crooked review site owners who will give it the nod anyway. Some of the reviews of the product are therefore positive, but the relatively stingy affiliate cut does take a toll and it shows. There are a surprising number of reviews out there, which conclude that one is best off staying away from this product.


The LA Muscle Male Boost Ingredient Profile


This is where facts always trump hype, and where the true nature of the reviewed supplement inevitably surfaces. So what exactly do you get if you purchase a $65 bottle of Male Boost?


You get 90 capsules of grievously under dosed and efficiency-wise rather controversial ingredients. Boost your confidence they indeed might, especially if you allow the placebo effect to kick in, but there's little scientific substance in believing they may boost anything else.




It has to be noted that they recommend that you should take 1-2 capsules, 3 times a day, and given the flimsy dosage, you would indeed have to max things out in this regard.


A single capsule contains some 100mg of Asian Red Ginseng, which is the main ingredient of the concoction. There are several problems with it, both dosage and efficiency-wise.

First of all: studies claiming to have generated some sort of proof regarding the efficiency of ARG (which is essentially Panax Ginseng un-skinned and un-steamed) all end up recommending that more studies be undertaken in this regard, to lend additional weight to their findings. In a word: they're not all that confident ARG works for ED, and they aren't sure by what mechanism it achieves its effects, if any. The science in this regard is nowhere nearly as sturdy as the peddlers of these male enhancement products would have you believe.


Dosage-wise, there are problems too. A simple daily dose of Male Boost (1x3) contains some 300mg or ARG, while a double dose takes the count to 600mg. According to this study, which concluded that ARG might be an avenue for the treatment of ED, subjects were given some 1,000mg, 3 times a day, for a total of 3 grams. 600mg still falls woefully short of that mark.


Zinc, another component of the Male Boost concoction, may as well not be there at 5mg. You're much better off purchasing a zinc supplement for much less, and getting a much bigger bang out of it in this regard.


The same goes for Vitamin E. At 10 mg, it is hardly worth mentioning.


Maca Root Powder is woefully under-dosed as well, plus its efficiency concerning sexual function is limited at best.


L-Carnitine does indeed have benefic effects on muscle regeneration following exercise. Studies focused on the compound though have used doses in the neighborhood of 2g per day, so what it accomplishes at a 50mg dose is anyone's guess.




Male Boost may exert some effects as placebo, but based on its ingredient profile, one cannot realistically expect any sort of effects from it, benefic or otherwise.


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