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Forum Dishonest Review Site, Ranking their Own Products as #1, Hypocritical Legal Threats Against Real Unbiased Reviews

June 14, 2017 // In Supplement Scams // By

This turned into a rather lengthy article - so here’s the TL;DR: claims to be an unbiased supplement reviews site, however their #1 ranked product for almost every category is an unknown product from what seems like the same company.  While this connection isn’t immediately obvious, my relentless digging around revealed some undeniable connections.  


An organization called “Golden Street Media” is behind the company that owns  An attorney from Golden Street Media sent out threatening letters to a 3rd party review site that posted a negative review the product that ranked as their #1 weight loss product.


There’s also a bunch of other connections between the domains which you’ll see in the full article.  It’s a long read but worth it to see what kind of shady stuff is trying to pull off.


My suspicion started when I stumbled across this review on D-Pol:



A number of things caught my eye here:


First, D-Pol is (at the time of writing) the #1 ranked product in our Natural Test Booster category.  However, only gives it a 2.5 out of 5 star rating.  That’s pretty low.  No big deal, everyone reacts differently to the same supplements. So I started reading to see why it earned such a low rating...


The second red flag happened when I read the first few sentences of the review.  I challenge you to also read the first few sentences.  Try it right now.  It’s going to be tough, but it will accentuate just how terribly this is written and how little it actually says.


Third, the profile picture of the author is clearly a stock image:


Lastly, I noticed at the bottom of the page they were recommending their “Top Testosterone Booster Choices”.  The number one ranked product was something I’d never heard of before, called Virectin.  I had to do some more digging.



A very suspicious pattern appears in their reviews.


I noticed something interesting when browsing their different categories.  All categories had a very clear and distinct #1 rated product that was way ahead of the pack.  Each one of these products looked strikingly similar.


Here’s their list of “Weight Loss Products” which clearly touts a product named “Phenocal” as the #1 ranked, and only 5-star product.  This category page also lists all the other similar products they have reviewed, none of which get higher than 3 stars.



Did you notice that “Muscle Pharm” is listed as one of the weight loss products they have reviewed?  It caught my eye because MP is a brand with a large line of products ranging from protein to fish oil to pre-workouts.  I was curious to see how they reviewed Muscle Pharm:



Seriously, what the heck?  Saying “it’s up to you to decide” and then giving the entire brand of Muscle Pharm a 2.5 star rating?  This makes no sense.


Sure enough, at the bottom of the page, there is a huge promotion for their top-ranked weight loss product, Phenocal, once again:



So I went ahead and checked out this “Virectin” and “Phenocal”.  They both had very similar landing pages, even with the same customer support number:



The “Privacy Policy” page on each of these products discloses the fact that iHealth Fulfillment is behind both of these products:



Digging deeper, I was surprised to find out that iHealth Fulfillment seemed to behind most of their top recommended products.


Almost every #1 recommended product on is from iHealth Fulfillment.


This isn’t exclusive to just their # 1 ranked Testosterone Booster and Weight Loss Product.  It’s nearly EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY, recommending a variety of unheard-of products that are linked to iHealth Fulfillment, including the following categories:


Recommended Skin Brightener - Juvabrite by Solvaderm

Recommended Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream - Suvoderm by Solvaderm

Recommended Scrub - Rejuvoderm by Solvaderm

Recommended Sunscreen - Dermaxsol by Solvaderm

Recommended Facial Cleanser - Dermapure by Solvaderm

Recommended Neck Firming Cream - Revivatone by Solvaderm

Recommended Acne Product - Zeroblem by Solvaderm

Recommended Eye Cream - Eyevage Eye Cream by Solvaderm

Recommended Wrinkle Cream - Stemuderm by Solvaderm

Recommended Toner Product - Maxatone by Solvaderm

Recommended Cellulite Cream - Cellmaxa by Solvaderm

Recommended Anti-Aging Cream - Steemuderm by Solvaderm

Recommended Anti Wrinkle Serum - Stemnucell by Solvaderm

Recommended Rejuvenating Serum - ACE Ferulic by Slovaderm

Recommended Moisturizer - Dermaxsol by Solvaderm

Recommended Facial Peel - Glowpeel by Slovaderm


Recommended Male Enhancement Pill - Virectin

Recommended Femal Enhancement Pill - Zenofem

Recommended Testosterone Booster - Virectin (Same as recommended Male Enhancement)

Recommended Menopause Supplement - Menoquil

Recommended Prostate Health Supplement - Prostara


Recommended Brain Enhancement Supplement - Provasil

Recommended Weight Loss Product - Phenocal

Recommended Fat Loss Gel - Dermacut

Recommended Joint Pain Relief - Flexoplex

Recommended Topical Joint Pain Relief - Flexdermal

Recommended Bone Support Product - Bonexcin

Recommended Depression Product - Serelax

Recommended Sleep Aid Product - Somulin

Recommended Colon Cleanser - Colopril


So how is linked to iHealth Fulfillment?


If you’re not convinced there is something incredibly shady going on with an “unbiased reviews” site which seems to only recommend mystery products by one fulfillment company, we did some more digging.  I soon discovered potential link between and one of their recommended products, Phenocal.  It took a few steps, but it’s pretty undeniable.  Here we go.


From the “Terms and Conditions of Use” page on (, they listed the location of their business:



This site is owned and operated by 21 Century Web, 15, Software Technology Park, Link Road, Sadar Nagpur, 440001, Maharashtra, India


The interesting part is that they had this text in the form of an image.  I guess they didn’t want search engines to pick up on it for some reason.

So doing a little googling, I found out their homepage is  I checked their domain whois to see the registration info on the domain.  Sure enough the registration info matched up perfectly with the info listed on’s terms page:



So is clearly behind  However, it’s very important to note that is registered to the organization “Golden Street Media” - this will eventually lead us back to the products they are ranking as #1.


Golden Street Media sent out a threatening letter over a negative review of Phenocal


Now here’s where it gets interesting.


In 2012, the website (UFB for short) posted a rather honest review of Phenocal.  I had never heard of UFB before this, however their review looks to be pretty honest and objective.


In 2013, UFB received a threatening letter from an attorney over that negative of Phenocal.  Thankfully, Paul from UFB is fighting the good fight and decided to post this threatening letter in it’s entirety.


The letter is claiming:


This Website falsely leads the consumers to believe that the website is consumer
friendly Website providing non- biased reviews, when, in fact, the website
generate revenue by exploiting the “Phenocal®” trademark.


They are essentially trying to argue that UFB is illegally using the trademarked term “Phenocal” to lure visitors in just to promote a different affiliate product.  Remember this part because it’s going to make them look extremely hypocritical very soon...


Now the most important piece of information contained in this letter is the name of the company that the attorney is representing:



And now we’ve linked the folks behind Phenocal to the folks behind  Could it be a coincidence?  Unlikely.  


Wait!  That’s not the only legal threat I could find that was publicly posted online.  This negative review of Solvaderm earned a similar letter earlier this year from the same guy at



Does Solvaderm sound familiar to you?  It should, since we just listed 16 different products from that brand that received the #1 rank on


This is two letters that I could find which were posted publicly by bloggers who are standing up against this kind of bullying.  I wonder how many other bloggers received similar letters and just took the content down out of fear…


The domain has very similar registration info to


The email of the attorney sending the legal threat on behalf of Phenocal is “”.  Let’s look at the domain whois for both and



The whois info on both of these domains looks strikingly similar.  Yes, they are both using privacy companies, however they are using the exact same one.  More importantly, they are using the same nameservers!  


The Name Servers on these domains unveils an undeniable web of lies.



According to, there are only 134 domains using * as their nameserver, so it would be unlikely for this to be by coincidence.  Sadly, every domain we’ve suspected to be linked together seems to be one of the few domains using these namesevers.


Let’s dive into the list of domains I found to be using * as their nameserver: - NS21.ICEROCIT.COM

The “honest reviews site” we’re exposing here... - WOLF.ICEROCIT.COM

The alleged owner of - NS5.ICEROCIT.COM

Organization that registered and legally threatened someone over the use of the trademark “Phenocal” - NS5.ICEROCIT.COM

Official website for Phenocal,’s #1 ranked diet pill - PYTHON.ICEROCIT.COM

Official website for Virectin,’s #1 ranked test booster and male enhancement pill - NS5.ICEROCIT.COM

Official website for the Solvaderm brand, which makes practically every single’s #1 ranked beauty products.


If you don’t think that these linked nameservers are a dead giveaway, there’s still more technical connections I’ve found between the domains: shares the same google_conversion_id value as their #1 ranked products’ websites.


One thing that many web users don’t know is that you can view the source code for any web page by right clicking and selecting “View page source”.



Different websites often contain some unique tracking codes to help them keep stats, target ads, etc.  I noticed that the google_conversion_id tag has a value of 1027304704 for,, and even






The connection is undeniable at this point.  Whether or not there is a single entity behind all of these sites doesn’t really matter.  It’s extremely unlikely that all these #1 ranked products happen to share so much technical information and organization names.  There's a material connection here and makes it impossible for to be unbiased when ranking all these products as #1.


Ultimately, the legal threat against was incredibly hypocritical.


Remember earlier when we mentioned that part about the legal threat being hypocritical?  


This Website falsely leads the consumers to believe that the website is consumer
friendly Website providing non- biased reviews, when, in fact, the website
generate revenue by exploiting the “Phenocal®” trademark.


Well this is EXACTLY what is doing themselves.  Those terrible reviews of D-Pol and Muscle Pharm (and hundreds of other undeserving products) that we mentioned earlier are nothing more than attempts to lure in visitors searching for those products and then push them towards their own products which they rank as #1.


Not only is this fake “unbiased review” site giving 5-star reviews and #1 ranks to all their own products, they (or an organization closely linked to them) go out of their way to try and threaten other objective and honest review sites.


Absolutely despicable.


I’m expecting a threatening letter from Golden Street Media for this.


Craig Schwartz - if you’re reading this, you’re probably warming up your typing hands to compose yet another baseless legal threat against someone who is trying to provide some truth in a notoriously shady industry.  Go ahead, prove my point - send over the letter and I’ll promptly post it here for everyone to read.



  • Momo1
    Rep: +3,133
    June 14, 2017

    As always Tommy, great article and catch!

    I think we all here on SR should go on their site and give horrible reviews on that crap they sell and see how many letters we can collect and then used them to wall paper one of my client's office, who works hand and foot with the CFPB, and send this Golden Street Media company packing

  • Parasite
    Rep: +745
    June 14, 2017

    Great sleuthing Tommy!

  • bzyczek
    Rep: +1,736
    June 15, 2017

    Nice detective work on the technological side ..

  • mhseaver670
    Rep: +6,691
    June 20, 2017

    Detective level 9000.

  • August 26, 2017

    All scam sites run by 21 Century Web owned by these 2 guys -
    Khalid Rizwan & Mohammed Khanbahadur who live in Nagpur, India. Their facebook profiles are All authors and reviews are fake. These sites should be banned.

  • October 6, 2017

    It looks like you're not alone. They seem to be in the skin care business too. See these articles. I'm glad there are bloggers out there ready to take on jerks like this.

  • January 8, 2018

    I came across this because I have only come across these people 2 days ago and I was AUTOMATICALLY suspicious because I had never heard of the name of the product recommended. The 'author' looked fake, and the ratings did not compare at all to actual product reviews. I always research products and right off the bat this page looked bogus. It has the same look as other pages purporting to 'recommend' a product and google leads you to their reviews. I never click on a review page with the product name in the web page. But that's me. Many people are fooled and you are doing a service. I suspect their legal warning is because they know they can afford it. However, it may just be to threaten because as you say, many are frightened. I had an experience with a bogus airline service. The links in their website somehow got me on a flight I did not want and was way more expensive. When I tried to change, within MINUTES, they wanted to charge me. When I complained they responded that I MUST have clicked it because it is a computer, and computers only record what you click (!!). I told them that regardless, in the US one has the right to cancel a contract free within (I don't remember, 3 days??). Then I proceeded to write many complaints online, as I saw others similar, and I told them up front, and that it is legal here to express one's opinion as long as it is the truth. They refunded my money. Similar happened with an outfit called Wondershare. Have you checked them out? They are a well know Chinese scam that is often rated #1 on many tech websites. They are obviously paid because, once you purchase the base product, in this case editor, it won't work right. When you contact tech support, their response is NOT clear and you must purchase MORE to make the original work. At that point, it doesn't work and you contact their tech support which is bogus. I am tech savvy, etc. so I KNOW> When you try to get a refund, they state on their purchase that they offer NO REFUND. Well, I basically followed the same...googled it to find out this is what they do, and filed a complaint with BBB and FDC.. while writing warnings over the internet. I contacted them and told them, and they responded to my BBB complaint that I refused their offer of tech support and I (!) was hostile!! Ha ha. But they refunded my money. I responded that their response was a blatant lie and although my complaint was resolved, it needs to be known that this company is a scam. Recently I notice they are starting to go by another name. If you haven't already, check it out.

  • March 12, 2018

    I actually kept getting redirected to this site when researching CBD Oil and found it odd, mostly because oils I had already done pretty extensive research on that had overall good ratings this site kept popping up reviewing them with a pretty poor rating. It is how I stumbled on to this article, I just searched who is consumer health digest because I found it odd every oil I was looking for this site kept popping up giving them all poor ratings. The one they are reviewing 4.5 stars can be found here.

  • Janine
    Rep: 0
    May 21, 2018

    Curious if you've received your email from Craig Schwartz? After a year of silence, I began getting harassing messages demanding I remove the information I posted on my site about similar findings. They are at it again.

  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    May 21, 2018

    @Janine - I have not. I think it's because they know that I'll turn right around and post the letter on the article to further prove my point.

  • May 23, 2018

    I bought Solvaderm due to the list of ingredients I read on the consumer digest website. When I received the bottle, it turns out that none of those ingredients are in the cream! I took a photo of the bottle and one of the fake claim and sent it to them. Never heard a word back! Danny O'Shea - owner of Solvaderm and perhaps The consumer digest website is an unscrupulous douche bag! I shall make it my mission to let people know about these scam artists! And that no review on the consumer digest website should be trusted! None whatsoever! You have screwed the wrong pooch, my friends!!!!!!

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