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ClenXDV - Another "Herbal Alternative" to a Steroid-like Substance

December 4, 2017 // In Supplement Scams // By Jimenez2K

ClenXDV - Another "Herbal Alternative" to a Steroid-like Substance


In several previous reviews, we covered various herbal concoctions claiming to elicit effects similar (if not superior) to a range of well-known steroids, and attempting to cash in on the hype surrounding the latter. ClenXDV fits into this category nicely, though it isn't trying to "impersonate" an actual steroid. It instead settles for what science calls a steroid-like substance, a beta-adrengic agonist: Clenbuterol.


Clenbuterol has been known to help with muscular development and fat-burning. It ups the heart rate, and increases blood pressure and perspiration. Here's's definition of the substance:




It's obvious that this compound is not something to take lightly. This is what ClenXDV claims to mimic - and even best - effects-wise, without any of the scary side-effects, of course.


As a matter of fact, here's what ClenXDV promises, straight from its sales page:




According to the above, this herbal supplement covers everything from slowing down the aging process to building muscle, melting fat away and increasing athletic performance. Fortunately, no potential user will ever gain a scientifically substantiated glimpse into these promises, as nothing stated on the sales page of the supplement has been evaluated and approved by any kind of authority.




Does ClenXDV have any sort of a chance to elicit effects in the vein of what Clenbuterol is capable of achieving, fat-melting and muscle building-wise? Based on its ingredients, we'd have to say that it does not. We'll take a closer look at its ingredients below though.


How much will a bottle of this wonder-drug cost you? In this regard, ClenXDV blows all expectations straight out of the water: for 60 capsules, you will pay a staggering $172 plus shipping, for a total of $179.14 if you are in the US. To call that expensive, would be the understatement of the year.




It has to be said though that those who purchase supplements exceeding $250 in value, get free shipping. There's also a buy-two-get-one-free deal peddled, which will "only" siphon some $344 out of your pockets.


The ClenXDV Sales Pitch


Looking past the eye-watering price, the pitch delivered on the ClenXDV sales page is relatively reasonable. The amount of hype is expected, and indeed there are a few tricks thrown in as expected, too.


One of these tricks concerns the rating of the product, which is a 5-star one, based on 26 "user reviews". The problem with these reviews is though that most of these are not reviews at all. Some of them are simply announcements thrown in by the staff, while others are simple questions, in the vein of "is this the real deal?". The reason why the rating is so superb is that the feedback form features a 5-star rating by default, which most people providing feedback never tweak. Thus, whenever they drop a question, with it, they drop a 5-star rating as well, willingly or not.


The promotional before/after picture used at the ClenXDV page has obviously nothing to do with the product itself, in the sense that the person featured on it, did not go through his amazing transformation thanks to ClenXDV. That picture has been used quite a few times, for the promotion of Clenbuterol, and some other illegal steroids. Given the degree of the transformation it depicts, it is indeed easier to believe that the results are due to Clenbuterol or some other steroids with similar potency.


Pic comparison.jpg


The sales copy boasts - among other things, that ClenXDV is 100% legal. Given though how the product has clearly been designed from the ground up as a supplement, to skirt the law and avoid scrutiny, it'd be more accurate to call it "unregulated".


The benefits of the supplement allegedly include "better skin", improved prostate health and a healthy heart (and of course: much, much more). This seems to contradict the logic that muscle-building and fat burning are supposed to be the results of boosted testosterone ( and testosterone derivatives).


The ClenXDV Marketing Effort


There are several review portals out there pushing ClenXDV, which is not exactly surprising, given the affiliate cut offered by the official seller of the product (frankly, I have no idea who the manufacturer is, that's why I decided to call the "official seller").




Some of these affiliate resellers aren't even shy about the fact that they earn commissions on the sales of the products they review. If someone is really keen on selling you this ridiculously overpriced supplement, just ask him/her what he/she stands to gain from the sale…


The ClenXDV Ingredient Profile


This is where the true colors of these hyped herbal formulas are revealed, and in this instance, the resulting picture is not pretty.




The effects of DHEA on IGF-I levels and the corresponding lean muscle growth and fat burning, have been studied in aging men and women. While without exercise, these benefits are not evident, with proper exercise added to the mix, the results are indeed positive. The only problem is though that the smallest daily dose used in studies such as this one, and this one, is 50 mg, with a recommended daily dose of 100 mg. With ClenXDV, one gets exactly 25% of the recommended dose.


In regards to Wild Yam, there's not much scientific evidence concerning the fat burning effects of the compound at all. While the root extract of the plant has indeed been studied for a number of conditions, such as menopausal issues and breast cancer, there's no solid scientific backing of its muscle growth-promoting effects either.


In light of studies like this -which conclude that Tribulus Terrestris has no effects on body composition in resistance trained males - the presence of this compound in ClenXDV raises a question: why exactly has it been added? Other studies lend added credence to the above conclusion.


While the capsaicin contained within Cayenne Pepper has been found to rev up the metabolism and to promote vascular health, as a muscle-mass promoter, the compound is a non-starter. Lipid oxidation and thermo genesis are a different matter though. While red pepper has been found benefic in this regard, according to studies such as this one, the daily doses administered were in the neighborhood of 10g, so the 75 mgs found in ClenXDV do not really impress.


Calcium supplementation may be benefic for a number of health problems, but according to this study it has no effects on weight loss and muscle building. Furthermore, calcium is one of the compounds that is administered in relatively copious quantities. The above quoted study used some 1,000 mg per day too, thus the 200 mg we have here is indeed too little, too late.


Deer Antler Velvet, which is the "flagship" of the ClenXDV formula, has yielded inconclusive results in studies aimed at assessing its effects on muscular development and strength. It may have some anti fatigue effects, but even those are not fully understood at this time.




Having wrapped up the up-close analysis of ClenXDV's ingredient profile, I must conclude that it is even less impressive than it was at first glance. This thing looks like a genuine dud, and paying $179+ for a one-month supply of it seems like a really bad idea. Comparing its effects with those of Clenbuterol now seems like a true exercise in ridicule.


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