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  • Nitrocut is an underdosed, overpriced product (who had their attorney send us a threatening letter)

    By admin 7 hours ago •   (9)

    As the owner of, I get a lot of spam emails. Offers for SEO services, opportunities to market MLM products, etc. I typically hit "report as spam" and move on. However, a recent email caught my attention...

  • D.Bal.Max is a Complete Waste of Money

    By admin 14 days ago •   (12)

    It seems like Crazy Mass started a new trend of scammy supplements that ride on the tails of popular and illegal anabolic steroids.

  • Owned by Momentum Nutrition - Can it Still be Unbiased?

    By admin May 10, 2016 •   (2)

    If you've searched around for supplement reviews online, odds are that you've come across the website They claim to be an unbiased supplement reviews site, but we've recently found out this may not be the case.

  • Let's Set the Record Straight: Crazy Mass is Complete Bullshit

    By admin January 26, 2016 •   (11)

    I'm sick and tired of hearing about this scam that's sweeping the internet. In the last few weeks, we had spammers posting links on our site to their shady affiliate sites that promote this bogus supplement, and that was the last straw. I'm calling Crazy Mass out.

  • Giving Supplements a Bad Reputation: 10 Reasons Scammers Love this Industry

    By admin January 11, 2016 •   (1)

    Unless you've lived under a rock your whole life, you've seen ads for supplements touted as the solution to all your fitness and weight loss needs. So why is the supplement industry so ripe for scams? After 10 years running, I have a pretty good idea of what attracts scammers from around the world.

  • Think You can Trust Reviews on Our In-Depth Analysis Exposes Rampant Fraud

    By admin November 2, 2015 •   (4)

    After the success of my in-depth analysis on Amazon reviews which exposed several easy ways brands could manipulate their product ratings, multiple readers asked me to take a look at reviews on So I did. And it was even worse than Amazon.

  • Rob Miller & A Disgrace to the Industry

    By admin October 27, 2015 •   (11)

    At times, I feel like I am devoting my life to bringing some honesty into an industry known for scams and crazy marketing hype. What I discovered today left me sick to my stomach. It's days like these that make me want to just give up and say "to hell with the industry!"

  • I Analyzed All 580 Reviews on an Amazon Top Seller: What I Found will Shock You

    By admin October 7, 2015 •   (15)

    If you think you can trust Amazon reviews, think again. Our investigation revealed just how much manipulation was going on behind the scenes.

  • Study shows most supplement brands hide negative reviews on their websites, violating FTC guidelines

    By admin September 14, 2015

    User reviews seem to be everywhere these days - but not all are created equal. Here at, we take pride in full transparency. We'll show ALL reviews submitted to our website as long as they meet our quality guidelines. So whether it's a 10/10 or 0/10, our readers will get to see the whole picture. Sadly, this is not the case with a lot of other websites, especially reviews found on supplement brands' websites.

  • Leaked Email Shows RSP Nutrition Requiring Fake Reviews: Tries to Cover it Up

    By admin May 5, 2015 •   (1)

    Just another reason you CAN’T trust online reviews from anywhere else. On May 1, 2015, a user posted a thread that contained a screenshot of an email that RSP Nutrition sent, blatantly instructing their reps to buy samples of their products on and leave 10/10 reviews.

  • 9 Warning Signs of Biased Reviews

    By admin April 22, 2015

    Today, consumers are more informed than ever before. The internet is an amazing tool for sharing knowledge and product feedback, but is also very susceptible to malicious manipulation. The stakes for positive reviews are extremely high, so businesses have a massive incentive to exploit the inherent anonymous nature of the online world and skew ratings in their favor.

  • 7 Reasons You Can't Trust Product Ratings

    By admin April 21, 2015

    We blindly trust these numbers, but after running SR ( for the last 9 years, I can assure you that most ratings are completely useless. We'll examine the fundamental problems with product ratings so you'll be more prepared next time you're thinking about clicking "add to cart".

  • Spamming Their Way to the Top: 5 Common Ways Brands get Bogus Reviews and how SR Shuts them Down

    By admin March 30, 2015 •   (3)

    After running for 9 years, I’ve seen it all.  We’ve been in a constant battle with aggressive brands and have been able to make massive improvements to keep our reviews pure.  Our number one goal is to provide the highest quality possible of reviews - not necessarily the highest quantity of reviews.  SR is NOT a popularity contest.

  • What is an Affiliate Scam?

    By admin March 26, 2015

    We’ve all seen the ads before: “Chicago mom discovers weird trick to lose belly fat.  Doctors are outraged!”  Advertisers are always coming up with new and creative ways to get your money, while often ignoring ethics and even FTC regulations.  So who’s behind these scams that are running rampant in the fitness industry?

  • How to Identify and Avoid Affiliate Scams

    By admin March 26, 2015 •   (1)

    The supplement market is ideal for exploiting consumers.  This makes it easy for someone to formulate a cheap and ineffective product, throw together an over-the-top sales page, make some ridiculous claims that resonate with your deepest desires to be sexually appealing, impress you with some big scientific words and then take your credit card information so they can bill you $90 a month.

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