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TEKMale: Underdosed, Pricey, Possibly Ineffective

September 4, 2017 // In Supplement Guides // By saab

TEKMale is an ‘all-natural’ male enhancement supplement manufactured by TEK Naturals. These pills are claimed to be designed to deliver improvement on sexual performance,  boost stamina, and eliminate premature ejaculations, among others. Priced at $74.95 for 30 servings, TEKMale borders on the expensive side of supplements.

The TL;DR to this post is that TEKMale is possibly another ineffective male enhancement supplement. Looking at its supplement facts, the majority of the ingredients present are underdosed, while the amount of yohimbe bark extract used is slightly too much that it might impose some risks. For $74.95 per bottle, TEKMale buyers definitely aren’t getting their money’s worth. If you’re looking to enhance male performance, have a look at our sexual health section.


TEKMale fronts a long list of underdosed ingredients




L-Arginine (650mg) - A conditionally essential amino acid found in the diet, L-Arginine is found to be important in blood flow and nitric oxide levels. Because of the latter, L-Arginine supplementation is popular among athletes. However, this study conducted to show its possible role in nitric oxide production showed no significant effects. Additionally, the standard dose for L-Arginine is 3-6g, and TEKMale only has 650mg of this amino acid in their ingredient formula, not even half the minimum standard.


Horny goat weed (300mg) - Otherwise known as epimedium, horny goat weed is known aphrodisiac and erectile aid used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This ingredient is also touted to boost testosterone levels due to its active ingredient, icariin. However, its actual efficacy in humans hasn’t been looked at. The standard dose of horny goat weed depends on the person’s body weight, but given that the herb is 40% icariin, a 150lb person may take a dose of 900mg as a standard. Note that the horny goat weed found in TEKMale is only standardized to 10% icariin, meaning that the active ingredient present in their formula is lower than the set standard.


Saw palmetto (300mg) - Saw palmetto is a concoction of fatty acids derived from the fruit of the plant Serenoa repens. This concoction is touted to increase testosterone levels, which has been found to be ineffective, while it has questionable effectiveness on delaying prostate growth. Its efficacy on improving sexual has been looked at in this uncontrolled trial conducted on men which showed positive results. However, there have been issues with the said study as the lead author is an employee of the manufacturer of the specific brand of saw palmetto used in the trial.


Maca root (250mg) - Maca is a plant belonging to the broccoli family, and its root resembles a turnip. This plant has been traditionally used an aphrodisiac, but does not work through hormones, nor does it increase estrogen or testosterone. For the dosage, the optimal standard is 1,500mg-3,000mg. TEKMale has only 250mg of maca, not even a quarter of the set minimum standard.


Tongkat ali (200mg) - Otherwise known as longjack, tongkat ali is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac. This trial conducted to attest  the efficacy of tongkat ali on erectile function noted a slight pro-erectile effect. However, the said study had funding issues as it was financed by the manufacturer of the supplement used. As for the dosage, supplementation of this herb is currently unestablished, but a dose of 200mg-300mg of a 100:1 extract can be taken one to two times daily.


Gingko biloba (100mg) - An herb commonly ingested for brain health, gingko biloba is believed to enhance cognition and provide vasodilatory effects via nitric oxide production. However, its efficacy on both of these aspects is not very reliable. The standard dosage for gingko biloba is 120-240mg, to be taken four hours prior to performance. TEKMale has yet again included an underdosed ingredient, having only 100mg of this herb in their formula.


Korean ginseng (100mg) - Commonly referred to as ‘true ginseng,’ Korean ginseng is an herb widely used Traditional Asian Medicine. It is touted to enhance male performance and boost testosterone. The former has been looked at in this study and was able to pinpoint improvement in men with erectile dysfunction. However, the dosage of Korean ginseng used in the trial is 3g, 2900mg more than what is found in TEKMale.


Tribulus terrestris (100mg)  - An herb from Ayurveda, tribulus terrestris is traditionally used for improving male virility and general vitality. It is also commonly supplemented for its libido enhancement properties and is touted to increase testosterone. The standard dose for tribulus terrestris on libido and sexuality enhancement is anywhere between 200mg-450mg. Again, the amount found in TEKMale is obviously underdosed, which is half less than the minimum standard.


Muira puama (20mg) - Also known as potency wood, muira puama is an herb found in the regions of Brazil. It is traditionally used an aphrodisiac. However, it lacks both human and sexuality trials to determine its efficacy. The recommended oral dose for muira puama is 1,000mg-1,500mg.


Zinc (5mg) - An antioxidant and immune system boosting micronutrient, zinc is commonly found in eggs, legumes, oysters, and meat. This micronutrient is also a well-known aphrodisiac and testosterone booster - which only works on people who are zinc deficient. The standard low dosage for zinc is set anywhere between 5mg-10mg, which works well as a daily preventative.


Yohimbe bark extract (37.5mg) -  Yohimbe is a fat burning compound that may cause anxiety and interact adversely with pharmaceuticals. It is also a general stimulant, aphrodisiac and may aid in erectile function. However, supplementation is dependent on body weight and higher doses should be taken with caution as the cardiovascular system may not be ready to  handle a stimulatory compound such as yohimbe. The recommended dosage is set as .2mg/kg of bodyweight which is equal to 14mg for a 150lb person, 18mg for a 200lb person, and 22mg for a 250lb person. The dosage found in TEKMale appears to be risky.

TEKMale garners positive reviews all over the web


Despite the odd dosage and what seems like risky ingredient profile, TEKMale still gets positive reviews all over the internet. The reason? Most of these reviewers are the TEKMale’s affiliates.


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.10.30 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 5.53.07 PM-down.png

Pay closer attention to details: this banner when clicked redirects to TEKMale’s official website. However, here’s a catch: notice the ‘ref=696’ on the address bar? That code lets TEKMale know which referrals came from who.


TEKMale uses stock photos for their website


If you’ve been on the TEKMale website, then you’ve probably scrolled past their ‘testimonials’ section where the supplement published a bunch of testimonials by people with their photos posted on the site as well.  However, it appears that some of these people are not exactly who they claim they are. Here, have a look at these screen caps:


Simon stock photo.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 5.50.07 PM-down.png


The Bottomline


TEKMale is yet another male performance supplement that is full of bold claims and promises but barely delivers to these statements. Expensive, yet obviously underdosed, it is doubtful that these pills are the answer to male enhancement. Avoid wasting your hard earned money on supplements that don’t guarantee results; if you are looking to enhance male performance, feel free to have a look at our sexual health section. All these products are reviewed and tested by people who don’t earn a single commission for their honest recommendations.


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