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2016 Black Friday Supplement Deals

November 25, 2016 // In Supplement Guides // By ExAdmin

We monitored prices for the last month of 23 retailers and found only GNC to be raising their prices.


2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals:

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series(11/25/16) Confirmed there's some pretty crazy deals:

    • Apparel=$18.99
    • Earn DOUBLE points
    • Everything between 50-65% off MSRP
    • Free item tiers - Signed Ronnie Trading Card, straps, gloves, hat, signed bottles! 


Lockout Supplements(11/25/16) 10% off, code Blackout16 (11/25/16) 10% off SITEWIDE!  Code: BlackFriday10off - Black Friday only!  They will also have some additional products on sale as well.


Muscle and Strength150 BOGOs, 50+ protein products with heavily reduced pricing, and 300+ products discounted


SupplementHunt(11/25/16) Pretty decent deals on individual products.  50% off quest bars (limit one per customer), Buy One, get TWO on Assault, $20 for Syntha-6 Confirmed there will be lots of deals as they have a lot of extra inventory to move out.  For starters, 20% off all NutraBio!


eSupplements: (11/25/16) 20% off Muscle Pharm, 25% off Cellucor and more: Forget about Black Friday - wait it out until Monday.  20% off 160+ brands with code: CYBRO2016 for Cyber Monday only!


MyProtein(11/25/16) MyProtein confirmed that they will be doing a "everything discounted sale + a mystery black box that we will be giving away for free at a certain threshold" - Solid deals listed here:


FitnessFirstUSA: (11/25/16) Confirmed they will be running BOGO deals on the most popular brands (lots on USP Labs), free gifts and free shipping.  Will update when we get more info.  20% off top 50 brands, 72 hours only. 



AI Sports Nutrition(11/11/16) 50% off entire store on the following days: White Friday (11/21) code: WF50, Black Friday (11/24-11/27) code: BF50, Cyber Monday (11/28) code: CM50



Vital 4U(11/4/16) Running a RED FRIDAY (one week early) on 11/18!  20% off everything in their webstore with code REDFRIDAY


BELDT Labs(11/25/16) Use code 2XU7MSKE on Amazon for 35% off your entire order! 


Savage Supplements(11/4/16) 30% off ENTIRE COLLECTION 11/24/16 to 11/28/16 (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday).  Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.


NooWave Supplement Co(11/4/16) 40% off ENTIRE STORE + free shipping on orders over $75! Valid from 11/24/16 to 11/28/16 (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) - Use code NOO40 at checkout.



MRSupps(11/3/16) Confirmed they will be running multiple individual products on sale from 11/24/2016 to 12/1/2016 Confirmed: "We will be running some deep discounts on Black Friday (we call it JACKED Friday) that will extend into Saturday. Discounts ranging from 10-50% and freebies on every order (shakers, trial size, tees, tanks, drawstring bags, towels).  We will also be running Cyber Monday deals. There will be a lot of BOGO’s and discounts."


NooWave Supplement Co(11/3/16) Confirmed they are planning on offering a massive discount for all products + free shopping over $75.  More details to come soon.


EON Athletics(11/3/16) 50% off each bottle of CREATION deal with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY on their website The deal will begin Wednesday, November 23 at 6am and will run until Saturday, November 26 at 11:59pm


We're still waiting on word from these - here's what they did last Black Friday:



Legendary Supplements: 20% off Site-Wide code "CYBER20" + Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 (LIVE NOW until 11/30)


Update 11/26: Live today! (Thanksgiving) through 11/30!  Code: "CYBER20".  Legendary Supplements announced that they will have a 20% off SITE-WIDE (yeah, thats right, 20% off site wide) plus free shipping over $50 and some Cellucor deals.


SizeUpSupplements: 15% off Site-Wide code "cyber15"  (11/27 - 11/30)


Update 11/26: SizeUpSupplements will have a 15% off site-wide coupon run from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Code: "CYBER20". 


NutraPlanet: Various Individual Product Discounts (LIVE NOW through 11/30 or while supplies last)


Update 11/25: NutraPlanet will have a lot of major discounts on individual products.  Deal will run from now (11/25) while supplies last, or until 11/30.  Sounds like supplies won't last very long, so get in while you can.  So far, 43 products have already been marked down and Black Friday is still 3 days away.  See the full list of discounts (live now) here:


In 2014, NutraPlanet marked down tons of individual products, up to 90% off or more.  Lots of BOGOs on top brands and deep discounts on popular products.  Their promotion spanned Friday through Monday.

Orbit Supplements: 15% off Site-Wide Code: "THANKS15"  + Individual Discounts (LIVE NOW through 11/30)


Update 11/25: Orbit has released their coupon code for 15% off non-sale items site-wide: "THANKS15" - Sale will run now (11/25) until 11/30 at midnight.  Check out their sales page here.


In 2014, Orbit offered a 15% off site-wide code that ran for a full week, from the Wednesday before Black Friday to the Tuesday after Cyber Monday. 


TFSupplements: 12% off Site-Wide Code "15BLACK12" + 100 items BOGO (11/27-11/30)


Update 11/25: TFSupplements just released their coupon code "15BLACK12" for 12% off SITE-WIDE and have over 100 items that are BOGO eligible.


Nutrition Aresenal11% off Site-Wide code "CYBER11" (Cyber Monday)


Update 11/25: They just announced that they will be doing a 10% off site-wide code, "BLACK10" that runs from today (11/25) until Sunday.  On Friday, you'll also get a free t-shirt (Friday only).  There will be another sale for Cyber Monday, we'll update you on that when we can.  Keep in mind that Nutrition Arsenal was recently ranked #6 cheapest retailer on our site, so a site-wide coupon means some crazy good deals.


In 2014, Nutrition Aresenal ran a 11% off site-wide coupon with bonus gifts from Wednesday through Sunday.  Then, on Cyber Monday, they offered 15% off site-wide along with bonus gifts and other promotions.

My Supplement Store10% off Site-Wide code "THANKS" (???-11/30)


Update 11/25: MSS just announced that they will be doing a 10% off sitewide couponLIVE NOW (Wednesday), code "THANKS" through Cyber Monday.  Still waiting to hear when this will start.


NutraBio: 30% off Stacks + 8-20% off Site-Wide (11/25-11/30)


Update 11/24: NutraBio will be having a great deal starting tomorrow - 30% off all stacks plus an additional tiered discount:

  • 8% off orders of $50+
  • 12% off orders of $100+
  • 16% off orders of $150+
  • 20% off orders of $200+


GNC: 40% off Site-Wide (No Code Needed) + $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping, Exclusions Apply. (Cyber Monday)


*Warning* - The 40% off may be from the item's "regular" price which GNC never charges.  A week ago, 5lbs of Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey had a "Regular Price" of $99.99 and a discounted price of $59.99.  Today, it has a "Regular Price of $99.99 and a sale price of $57.99.  


Update 11/24: GNC changed the "Free Shipping" to $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping...


Update 11/23: Just got a list of the specials they will be running for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  "Exclusions Apply" to all of these:

  • 11/26 (Thanksgiving) 30% off Site-Wide + Free Shipping.  Code "TGIVING15"
  • 11/27 (Black Friday) BOGO 50% off Site-Wide + Free Shipping.
  • 11/28 (Saturday) BOGO 50% off Site-Wide.
  • 11/29 (Sunday) 40% off Site-Wide.
  • 11/30 (Cyber Monday) 40% off Site-Wide + Free Shipping.

So a "BOGO 50%" off is the same as 25% off, but you're forced to buy two.  So our suggestion is to wait until Cyber Monday and get 40% off + Free Shipping.  However, GNC *may* raise their prices so that the 40% off isn't really 40% off.  Keep in mind that we're going to be keeping track of which retailers increase their prices just before the sale to make it look like a bigger discount, and let you know if we find GNC using this dirty trick.


Even though GNC is ranked as the most expensive retailer in our recent study, there's a possiblity that you could find some good deals if they are really offering 40% off their regular prices. 10-15% off Various Products (11/25-11/30)


Update 11/26: A1Supplements is offering several different coupons that last now through Sunday, including $5 off protein, 10% off pre-workouts, weight loss and vitamins and 15% off muscle builders. 10% off Prosource and 15% off Bioquest brands  (11/25-11/30)


Update 11/26: Looks like Prosource will only discount their own brands, valid 11/25 through 11/30.

Elite Nutrition: 10% Off Site-Wide Code: "CYBER10" (Cyber Monday)


Update 11/25: They will be offering Free Shipping from 11/25 through Sunday, plus a free t-shirt on Friday only.  There will be another sale on Cyber Monday, so stay tuned for details about that.  


In 2014, Elite Nutrition ran a 10% off site-wide promotion from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving all the way through the Sunday after, with free items, exclusive promos and free shipping on orders $199 or more, with flat shipping of $5.95 on other orders.  Then, on Cyber Monday, they offered a 12% site-wide coupon, plus free gifts (shaker cup, t-shirt) and same deal on shipping, but this time just for the 24 hours of Cyber Monday.

Campus Protein: 20% off Site Wide Code "BF20", Freebies + $20 Gift Card on Orders > $120 (11/27-11/30)


11/27 Update #2*WARNING* We noticed that CP actually raised the prices of a few of their products since launching the 20% off coupon.  For example, BSN Syntha-6 5-LB Chocolate Milkshake went from $49.99 (last checked Monday) to $55.99 (just now).  MuscleTech PhosphaMuscle went from $45.99 (last checked Monday) to $55.99 (just now).  While they may still offer some discounts, we recommend that you still check ALL retailers for the best prices before just blindly placing your order.


11/27 Update #1: Campus Protein announced they will be giving 20% off site-wide with code "BF20", a bunch of freebies and a free $20 gift card on orders over $120, for 24 hours only starting NOW!


Last year, Campus Protein offered 20% off + free gifts for just the day of Black Friday.  Then on Cyber Monday, they ran some 50% off deals with $0.99 shipping.


SupplementWarehouse: Various Products on Sale + Free Gifts (11/27-11/30)


Update 11/19: SW has confirmed that they will have a lot of great deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  Sounds like a 20% off coupon for top brands (eg Cellucor, ProsuppsBetancourtMuscle Milk, etc) and some "high value freebies" for purchases over $100 and $200.


No word yet:



Not participating this year:



  • pancow
    Rep: +2,348
    October 15, 2016

    Woooo thanks for this early info. NutraPlanet had crazy price drops on individual supps last year

  • sergiosays
    Rep: +562
    November 3, 2016

    absolutely stoked for the deals this year!! thank you for the post

  • medinacirilo
    Rep: +1,091
    November 3, 2016

    my credit card is locked and loaded!

  • November 5, 2016

    lifters paradise, wow

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