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What is a Buyer Beware Product?

December 1, 2017 // In SR Help // By

Normally, when we add a product to the SR database, we add a brand to our Brands List and then add the product under that brand.  Eventually users will review it and SR becomes a useful resource to our visitors who want information on that product.


However, over the years, we have been seeing a class of products that seem to never get reviewed.  Certain products that don’t have a clear “Brand” which they can be categorized under.  Just by looking at some of these products, we can immediately identify that they are not trustworthy.


Rather than simply adding them to our database knowing that they will never be reviewed, we have created a “Buyer Beware” section to help potential customers see these products through the same lense that we see them.


Here are some characteristics that are very common in these sorts of products:


  • No obvious brand name: Many of these products are from fly-by-night companies and are not totally transparent about who is behind them.  Legit supplement companies will typically make an effort to promote their brand and make a name for themselves, however the organizations behind the “Buyer Beware” products are usually not looking for repeat business or attracting customers by word of mouth.

  • Over-optimized sales page: Optimizing any sales page can be normal, but these sites are clearly focusing on sales above anything else.  You will often see over-used tactics such as:

    • Use of big “Rush My Free Bottle” buttons

    • Fake “Running out of stock” warnings

    • Limited-time offers

    • Bogus countdown timers

  • Use of stock images: You’ll often see images of totally-jacked, ripped muscle-men who obviously achieved their results using this product.  However, these are usually just stock images and the models have never even heard of the product.

  • Over promising of results: If you see a huge list of life-changing promises, keep in mind that there are no magic pills.  It really comes down to discipline with your diet and exercise.

  • Product only available through their website: It’s a red flag if the product is not available through ANY 3rd party retailers.  Why does nobody want to carry this product?

  • Large affiliate commissions: You might see a lot of people on the internet giving this product positive reviews and recommending you to buy it.  This is often because the seller will offer a 40% or more commission payout to anyone who refers a sale.

  • Fake “Free Trials” and sneaky billing schemes: Be suspicious anytime you have to enter your credit card information.  You might be unknowingly enrolling in their expensive, monthly auto-ship program.

  • Recycled landing page: We’ve seen hundreds of these products offered for sale and noticed that many different products use the exact same landing page.  Yes, even the same stock photos, descriptions, etc.  We actually compiled a list of over a dozen different products all using the same sales page.

  • Other consumer complaints on the internet: If you dig around some non-phony review sites (such as Amazon, BBB, etc) you can often find a list of complaints of people really upset about how they were swindled.  Remember to stay critical of positive reviews - they could be written by an affiliate looking to cash in on the 40% or more commission.

  • Underdosed ingredients: These types of products usually don’t spend too much time breaking down the ingredient labels and showing clinical research to backup their claims.  Be sure to use sites like to independently research ingredients yourself.  Also, check your local drugstore or sites like Amazon to see how much it would be to purchase each ingredient on your own.

  • Proprietary blends: This is when a product does not disclose how much of each ingredient is in their product - they’ll label it as a “Proprietary blend”.  This is often a way for brands to skimp on the expensive and effective ingredients and simply pad their product with cheap fillers.


Of course, not every single product that we add to the “Buyer Beware” section will exhibit every single one of these qualities.  It comes down to our discretion when we are adding the products, and we try to share some insights into why each one has been placed in the section.

If you feel that we’ve made a mistake and mislabeled something, feel free to contact us!


See our full list of Buyer Beware products here.

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