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TROOPer Terms

December 7, 2017 // In SR Help // By

By offering your products to our members, you are agreeing to the following terms:


At your own expense, you will send out a full container to the address provided by the reviewer.  A full container is defined here.  It is your responsibility to get the product to the reviewer - the liability of any shipping complications will rest fully on the rep who sent the product out.


If a reviewer receives a damaged, opened or incomplete product (meaning they only received sample packs, or they only received a few single-serving containers), they will not be obligated to write a review, nor will they be obligated to return the product.


Reviewers will need to take a reasonable amount of time to receive, start and complete an entire container of your product.  They will not be able to publish their review until this is complete.  


Reviewers are required to publish a review on every single product that they receive.  SR will enforce this policy by disallowing them to receive further products from the program.  However, SR does not have the ability to force the reviewer to publish a review.  If your product does not get a review, that reviewer will never be able to claim another product from the SR TROOPs again, but there isn’t much more we can do beyond that.


Here is what to do if your product has not been reviewed yet.


The final reviews cannot be edited or deleted unless they violate our our review editorial guidelines.  Keep in mind that our reviewers might not perfectly follow label instructions, but this is not a qualifying reason to delete their review. cannot be held liable for the actions of the reviewers.  


If a reviewer receives a product that has negative side effects, is unsafe, or they otherwise don’t feel comfortable finishing the product, they can discontinue the use of the product and write a review.


Under no circumstances will reviewers be required to return a product.  They can if they elect to, but we do not require them to do so.


Details of the reimbursement guarantee for non-review are detailed here:



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