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TROOPer Levels

March 1, 2017 // In SR Help // By

TROOPer Levels are a way for us to reward members who continually write quality, in-depth and honest reviews through the SR TROOPs.  The higher your level, the higher your claiming priority will be and the more products you’ll be able to claim at a time.


Level 1 TROOPers (the newest recruits) will only be able to claim one product at a time and have a claiming priority of dead last.  All higher level TROOPs will have first dibs on opportunities, so the new members will have to put in the work to level up and earn a better priority.


Who can earn a Level?


Currently, all members can earn levels, with the exception of reps and those who have previously been blacklisted.


How are Levels calculated?


Levels are calculated off member stats, which are updated every 10 minutes.  However, the only way you can lock in a level-up (or earn your first level) is by visiting our homepage.  This is to make sure that only active members are earning levels.


On the homepage, you’ll see a list of objectives to complete for your next Level-Up.  A list of possible objectives is at the bottom of this page.


How does my level affect my ability to participate in the TROOPs?


Your level determines  when you get to claim products.  When a new product is offered the the TROOPs, Level 99's get first dibs.  Every 30 minutes the opportunity opens to the next level down the line.  So after 30 minutes, it's available to Level 98 and up.  After an hour, Level 97 and up.  This continues for the first two days until the opportunity is fully claimed or open to everyone.


Your level is also used to calculate the number of products you can claim at one time.  Level 1 TROOPers can claim a maximum of 1 product at a time.  This limit will increase gradually for each new level achieved.  Read more about our Dynamic TROOPer Limits here.


Possible Objectives:


Total Reviews: This is the total number of approved supplement reviews you have written.  You need 5 to reach Level 1, and 200 to reach Level 99.


MVRs: Stands for “Most Valuable Reviews”; this is the number of your supplement reviews that have been voted as “most helpful” for that product.  You don’t need any to reach Level 1, but you’ll need 100 to reach Level 99.


First Bloods: This is the number of supplement reviews you have written that were the first review for that product.  Products received through the TROOPs do not count towards this total (we don't want a race to finish first).  You don’t need any to reach Level 1, but you’ll need 100 to reach Level 99.


Completed Missions: The number of TROOPer products you have successfully claimed and reviewed.  You won’t need any to reach Level 1, but you’ll need 150 to reach Level 99.


Votes Cast: This is the number of times you’ve clicked the Helpful/Unhelpful button.  Voting is incredible important to our success as a community as it helps reward those posting quality content.  You’ll need to vote 20 times to reach Level 1, and 10,000 times to reach Level 99.


Answers: This is the number of answers you have posted in our Q&A section.  You need 1 answer to reach Level 1, and 200 to reach Level 99.


Comments: The number of comments you have posted in reply to a review.  You need 1 comment to reach Level 1 and 500 to reach Level 99.


Forum Posts: This is the number of posts you have made in our forum.  You need 1 comment to reach Level 1 and 500 to reach Level 99.


Try Requests: This is the number of times you have clicked the “I Want to Try This” button (available to TROOPers only).  It’s important to let the reps know which products you’re interested in to help maintain the supply of products to the TROOPers.  You don’t need any to reach Level 1, however you need 50 to reach Level 99.


Reputation: This is your total number of rep points.  The best way to gain rep is by posting quality reviews.  You need 50 rep to reach Level 1 and 10,000 to reach Level 99.


Questions?  Comments?


See the discussion thread here.

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