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The TROOPer Buy Program

February 14, 2017 // In SR Help // By

Here at, our goal is to provide our visitors with honest, in-depth and unbiased reviews on any supplement they may be interested in.   It’s not helpful for anyone to see the infamous “Sorry, no reviews for this product yet” page.


The SR TROOPs (Trusted Reviewer Open Opportunity Program) enables brand reps to send their products to our members to ensure that we have honest reviews.  Since launching, we’ve had hundreds of reps get thousands of reviews through our program and provided honest reviews for millions of visitors as a result.


However, from time to time, brand reps are unwilling to send their products out for review.  The most common reason?  They are afraid they’ll get a bad review.


Honestly, we don’t blame them.  The reviewers here on SR are actually critical of the products they use.  It’s much easier for brand reps to manufacture positive reviews over on, Youtube, Amazon or other sites by maintaining their own “test team” and deleting people from that list who give them anything less than a five-star review. doesn’t work like that.  You don’t get to pick your reviewers.  You don’t get to approve reviews before they are posted.  If your product isn’t up to snuff, your reviews are going to reflect that.  This is why millions of supplement buyers trust for unbiased reviews on products before making a purchase decision.


As stated above, nobody (including the supplement companies themselves!) benefits from the “Sorry, no reviews for this product yet” page.  Since we’re dedicated to providing honest, in-depth and unbiased reviews on every supplement, will purchase products for our reviewers if reps refuse to send them out.


Furthermore, since we’re also dedicated to transparency, we clearly label every review that is a result of product we had to pay for:



Plus, the actual opportunity on our homepage is clearly labeled as something we have to buy directly:



Your brand page will also reflect the fact that you aren’t participating on SR:



The SR community shares our value of transparency, and appreciates when brands participate with our site.  Every review resulting from a product shipped by a rep is labeled as such:



We’re not in the business of intentionally making companies look bad -- that doesn’t help anyone. What we are in the business of is providing honest, in-depth and unbiased reviews on every supplement available, and with your help the process is considerably more efficient.


Brand Reps: Please take this into consideration when deciding whether to participate or not in our TROOPer Buy Program.


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