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The SR Bounty Program

April 1, 2018 // In SR Help // By

In the last 3 years, the SR TROOPs has been a huge success.  However, there are a number of high-profile companies that simply refuse to send their products out.  Our goal at SR is to have a review on every product, so that is why we have launched the Bounty Program.


Who can use the Bounty Program?


Only past and present SR TROOPers will be able to participate with the Bounty Program.  TROOPers who have been blacklisted from the TROOPs will still be able to use the Bounty Program.


If you aren’t yet a TROOPer, see how to Join the TROOPs here.


Earning Bounty Points (BTP)


Bounty Points (BTP for short) can be accumulated by purchasing and reviewing products that are in the Bounty Vault (  The “Reward” listed by each product shows how many Bounty Points you’ll earn for reviewing that product.


BTP can also be earned by:


  • Reviewing products not received through the TROOPs

    • 150 BTP if it’s the first review on a product

    • 50 BTP if it’s not the first review on a product

  • Receiving helpful votes on the reviews you post

  • Referring new TROOPers and Reps to SR


Reserving Bounties



In order to be rewarded for a review on a bounty product, you must first reserve and confirm the bounty.  You can only have 3 bounties reserved at any given time.


Once you reserve a bounty, you will have 100 days to confirm and post the review.  During this time, no other TROOPers will be able to reserve a bounty on that product.


In order to discourage TROOPers from reserving products they aren’t serious about reviewing, there may be a small fee to cancel a reservation:


0-10 days = Free

11-50 days = 50 BTP

51-100 days = 150 BTP

Automatically Cancelled after 100 days = 500 BTP


Confirming Bounties


Before posting the review on your reserved Bounty product, you’ll have to upload confirmation that you, in fact, obtained a full container of the product.  Simply click the “Confirm” button and follow the instructions. A moderator will manually review the photo you upload and either confirm or deny the bounty.  Once a bounty has been confirmed, you will be able to review it and earn the reward.


Cashing-In Bounty Points


When you save up enough bounty points, you’ll be able to claim bounty products by cashing in your Bounty Points. In this case, SR will purchase the product and have it shipped to you.


Once you cash in your Bounty Points to claim a product, it will be added to your TROOP dashboard just like any other product: it should be shipped to you within 10 days, and you’ll be expected to give updates and write a quality review.


In the event that we are unable to fulfill the order, we will refund the Bounty Points used to Cash-in your reward.


A note to international Bounty Hunters:


Part of the reason we built this program is to get more international reviewers free products to review.  However, there are times when the product is outrageously expensive to ship to certain countries. If we deem the financial burden too high to have a specific product shipped to you, we’ll cancel the order and refund your Bounty Points.


To help ensure fulfillment of your order, it’s a good idea to do a little deal-digging, find a place to buy the product online at a reasonable price and share the link with us when Cashing-in your Bounty Points.


Bounty Rewards Per Product


There will only be one Bounty Reward offered for any Bounty Product unless we deem it necessary to get more than one quality review.


Bounty Review Quality


If your review is not up to the high standards we hold on the site, we may choose to reverse your bounty reward.


Do Bounty Points expire?




Is BTP a crypto-currency?


No, don’t be silly.


Can you exchange BTP with other members?




Asking us to make Bounty Products


Please refrain from suggesting a product for the Bounty Program. We will be updating the Bounty Vault on a very consistent basis.


The Fine Print


Obviously, we’ve got to add some disclaimers in order to keep ourselves from being sued:  Bounty Points (BTP) have no real value and cannot be redeemed for cash. and its affiliates are under no legal or contractual obligation to anyone for redemption of their Bounty Points BTP.  The safety and legality of the products obtained through the Bounty Program will be the responsibility of the TROOPer who is consuming them.



    Rep: +817
    April 4, 2018

    This is brilliant!

  • Clipper83
    Rep: +4,422
    April 4, 2018

    I still say we should have called Bounty Points "Supplecents"

  • Reaper61
    Rep: +1,219
    April 4, 2018

    I personally like this idea. Doing this will fill in the happy if supplements that folks might be curious about but yet the brand doesn't have a rep. Plus as a bonus I think this showed who is here to really help the community and those who are just here for the ride and free perks. Sometimes you have to pay to play and make things better

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