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The "Review in 100 Days or We Buy It" Guarantee

April 5, 2018 // In SR Help // By

One of the biggest challenges of sending your product out for review is never knowing when (or if) you’ll get your review.  


You print off a shipping label, assemble a cardboard box, grab a full container off the shelf, toss in some samples and maybe even include a nice note, preemptively thanking the reviewer for their feedback and giving them a little info about your company.


You drop the package in the mail, and wait.  And wait. Weeks go by. Months. Maybe you get some sporadic updates from the reviewer.  Maybe they give you every excuse in the book. Or maybe it’s just radio silence.


We know how frustrating this experience can be.  That’s why SR is doing everything we can to make sure you get your review in a timely and transparent manner.


Not only are our TROOPers required to give regular status updates, but we’re now completely changing the game with our “Review in 100 Days or We Buy It” guarantee.


How the Guarantee Works:


We want to put our money where our mouth is, and show you that our incentives are aligned with yours.  We’re in the business of publishing reviews, and if a reviewer disappears without posting a review, it hurts us as well.


We know that it’s impossible to give you back the 100 days you spent waiting.  Nor can we give you back the time you spent printing the shipping labels, packaging the product, etc.  


If a product isn’t reviewed within 100 days from the day you send it, we will cancel the order and send you a $25 reimbursement check.  It’s that simple.


We understand that it’s not always going to be perfectly equitable - but that’s not exactly the point.  Our guarantee is to prove to you that we stand behind our reviewers and we making sure by any means possible to prevent reviewers from disappearing with your product.  


Keep in mind that we don’t charge a penny for this service - any reimbursements we make will come out of our own pockets.  If a reviewer claims a bunch of products and disappears, we will experience a sizeable loss on our end as well.



There’s a few requirements to make sure that you will qualify:


  • You must send a full container in order to get a review.  Reviewers are not required to write reviews on sample packs, and we won’t be reimbursing any reps who ignore that rule.  Read more about what constitutes a full container here.

  • Reviewers are only required to review the products that they sign up for.  If you send the incorrect product, they are not required to write a review and we will not reimburse.

  • We need to verify that the TROOPer actually received the product in the first place - be sure to use a trackable delivery method and save the tracking number!We aren’t guaranteeing that your product does not get intercepted at customs or lost in the mail.  The guarantee is only valid on products that actually make it to our reviewers.

    • If the TROOPer marks the product as received, this is considered validation of product delivery (unless it's done in error).
    • If the TROOPer goes MIA before marking the product as received, we'll check the tracking info provided by the rep to see if the product has been marked as delivered to the correct address.
    • If the TROOPer actively claims that the product did not arrive even though the tracking says it was delivered (only happened one time in over 1,000 products sent out), we will not require the TROOPer to write a review, and we will not reimburse.  The only exception is if the package is signed for.  Again, this has only happened one time in over 1,000 products sent out, so it's up to you to decide if you want to require a signature.
  • We are only guaranteeing products claimed on or after 4/5/2018.

  • Products need to arrive to the TROOPer in 10 days or fewer.
  • The reimbursement amount will be exactly $25 per missing review.

  • The reimbursement will be sent through Paypal (international ok) or a check sent by USPS (US only).

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