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January 1, 2017 // In SR Help // By

The official reviews on are all written by community members.  These members do not receive any compensation for their reviews (other than free products before the review is written) and are only required to write a thorough and detailed review.  They are not required to give the supplements a specific rating.


On occasion, the SR owner or staff may post opinions in the articles section (the URL for any of these articles will be however, these articles are their true opinions and not influenced by any advertiser.


In order to support the entire operation of, we collect advertising and commission fees where appropriate.  On the product review pages, we provide links to retailers where you can purchase the products.  We may receive commission, a flat fee or nothing at all if you click those links and purchase a product.  This relationship in no way affects the content of our reviews - the individuals writing these reviews (our members) are not receiving a penny of this commission, so it does not influence the content of their reviews.


The advertising and affiliate links on review pages are typically contained within the “Prices” widget at the top of the page.  This relationship does not in any way affect the order in which the products are ranked on our /category pages.  The product ranks are always based on the customer reviews themselves.


Here’s a diagram to better help you understand where we might be receiving a commission, flat fee or nothing at all when you click:



If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for clarity at

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