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Stats and Ranks on SR

January 20, 2017 // In SR Help // By

We're rolling out some cool new updates to SR early this year.  The first phase of a bigger overhaul to our TROOPer program is Stats and Ranks.  You'll be able to see all your stats and how you rank on your homepage, or get a full leaderboard in our new User Ranks center.  Stats are updated every 10 minutes.


While the first phase is just introducing these stats, the next phase will be actually incorporating them into different parts of the site.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the second phase of our update.


Here's a bit more info about each of the stats:


Total Reviews - This is total number of approved reviews that a user submits.


MVRs - "Most Valuable Reviews" - This stat is the number of reviews that a user has which were voted as "Most Helpful" for that product.


First Bloods - The number of times the user has been the first one to review a particular product. Products received through the TROOPs do not count towards this total (we don't want a race to finish first)


Completed Missions - The number of products a user has claimed and reviewed from our TROOPer program.


Votes Cast - This is the number of times a user has clicked the "Helpful/Unhelpful buttons".


Answers - The number of answers a user has posted in our questions section.


Comments - The number of comments the user has posted.  Comments on Reviews, deals, etc all count towards this stat.


Forum Posts - The number of posts the user has submitted on our forum.


Deals Shared - The number of deals that a user has posted in our deals section.


Reputation - This is the total reputation for each user.


Products Added - This is the number of new products a user has added to our site.  Reps can immediately create products for their brand, and TROOPers can add products when reviewing products that are not yet in our database.


Try Requests - The number of times a user has clicked the "I Want to Try This" button.  Only TROOPers can are elegible.


TROOP Offers - The number of products a rep has offered to our TROOPers.


TROOP Products Shipped - The number of products a rep has actually marked as shipped.  This might be different than "Offers" because all products aren't always claimed from our program, and sometimes reps forget to send them out.


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