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Sponsored Brand Advertising Option

November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By

The Sponsored Brand advertising package helps get your brand more exposure on SR.


Get your announcements on the homepage.


Our homepage has a special section for Sponsored Brand Announcements. This shows the latest announcement from each of our sponsors. There is no limit to the number of announcements that you can post, and you will always have your most recent post on our homepage.



All New Members Follow You by Default


New members who join the site while you are a sponsored brand will follow you by default. Your followers see updates from your brand on their personalized homepage newsfeed.


A Rotating Banner on the Homepage AND Forum


As a sponsor, your 728x90 banner will be displayed in a rotation on the top of the homepage (for guests) and on the top of all /forum pages.




Shoutouts through our Social Media Channels


Generate some extra buzz about your brand with our social media outlets. We work exclusively with Sponsored Brands for content, contests and promotions to our vast following on Social Media:


Weekly newsletter - 19,000 subscribers
Facebook - 24,000 likes
Instagram - 2,400 followers
Youtube - 1,000 subscribers


Get Started!


Get started by clicking the “Sponsor” tab in your Rep CP to see the prices for this package.  If you're looking for someone to do all the work for you, then check out the Fully-Managed Sponsorship.

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