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Reviewers Asking for Products? Here's 5 Reasons to Only Send Products Through the SR TROOPs

January 11, 2018 // In SR Help // By

From time to time, you might get a request from one of our reviewers on interested in trying your products.  This is totally acceptable - our reviewers are curious and want to try products that might not be on SR quite yet.


When sending a product directly to someone claiming to be a reviewer on SR, you’re taking on a lot of unnecessary risk.  For example, that reviewer might not actually have an account on SR, they might be way behind on their reviews and never end up posting a review of your product.  If you send it to them outside of the TROOPs, there’s no way for us to hold them accountable.


We strongly recommend that you only send products to reviewers through the SR TROOPs program.  Not only is it completely free to use, it ensures that only qualified reviewers (TROOPers) receive products, and holds each one accountable for every single product they receive and helps ensure that you get the reviews you deserve.


Read about the SR Trusted Reviewer Open Opportunity Program (SR TROOPS) here.


Here’s 5 reasons to use the SR TROOPs:


Verify that the reviewer is a qualified TROOPer


Only qualified TROOPers can claim products through the SR TROOPs.  Those that have not reached the ranks of a TROOPer cannot claim products through the program.  Click here to see how to become a TROOPer.


Ensure the reviewer isn’t claiming 5 of the same products at once


Each TROOPer is limited in the number of products they can claim at a time.  For example, a TROOPer cannot claim 5 different pre-workouts at once, for obvious reasons.


Read more about our Dynamic TROOPer Limits.


Make sure the TROOPer is current on their reviews


When a TROOPer gets behind on their reviews, they are automatically blocked from claiming any additional products.  We don’t want to send additional products out to TROOPers who aren’t posting their reviews.


Hold the reviewer accountable for their review


Every single product sent out is tracked through our system, so you can see the status of the review at any time.  Any reviewer who doesn’t post a review on your product in a timely manner will be blocked from claiming any additional products from the system until they catch up.


Anyone who fails to review everything they receive will end up on the blacklist.


Shows the “Full-container use verified” badge on review


Anyone reading your review will see that your brand is committed to transparency and honest reviews with the badge on the resulting review:


Again, the SR TROOPs is FREE for brands, and only takes a few minutes to get started.  Get started here.

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