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Review Authoring Editorial Guidelines

November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By

Here at SR, we pride ourselves on having only the highest quality reviews in the industry. If you want to be one of 10,000 to write a one-sentence review on the BEST sample pack of C4 EVER, please go somewhere else.


Who can write a review?


You can write a review if:

  • You have completed an entire container of the product.
    • Sample packs do not count.
    • The only exception is if you have had to stop using the product due to adverse side effects, and cannot finish an entire container.
  • You aren’t a rep for any company.
    • Only unbiased reviews are allowed on SR.


Review Title


Here is your chance to summarize your experience in one short, catchy sentence.


The only results I saw from this product were in the bathroom!


my review on this product


Review Body


Here is your chance to explain your experience using this product, and justify your rating. Anyone can post a review saying they liked something, but telling us WHY is what distinguishes a low-quality review from a quality review.


A thorough review will mention all of the following:

  • Taste/dosing
  • Side effect
  • Your diet
  • Your workout routine
  • Other supplements in your stack
  • Comparison of actual results to label claims
  • Comparison to similar products
  • Conclusion/recommendation


Spelling, grammar, format and punctuation counts! It’s hard to read a review that doesn’t have any paragraph breaks, or completely lacks any grammar. Remember, this is an English-language site!


High-quality examples:
This is How You Put Together an Intraworkout Product!!
An overdue review, but worth the Dedication


Overall, Effectiveness and Value Ratings


It may be hard to quantify your experience, but here’s a little guide to our ratings:


Overall Rating

  • 10 - Best. Product. Ever.
    • Be careful when giving a product a 10. A 10 means that there is NOTHING better and absolutely NO WAY for this product to improve. I doubt you actually think that (unless of course, you have an agenda)
  • 8 - Solid product, will definitely buy again.
  • 6 - Ok, but will try something else next time.
  • 4 - Bad product, will never take again nor recommend.
  • 2 - Terrible product. Outrageous label claims, and would have been better off taking nothing.
  • 0 - Worst. Product. Ever.


Effectiveness Rating

  • 10 - Insane results. I’ll definitely win the Mr. Olympia next year.
  • 8 - Solid results, I could tell it was working.
  • 6 - Seemed like it was working, but not much of a boost.
  • 4 - Didn’t do anything.
  • 2 - Might have actually hindered my performance.
  • 0 - Only caused harm.


Value Rating

  • 10 - The best deal ever. I stocked up with an order of 100 cases just now.
  • 8 - Excellent value for the money. I don’t mind paying this much for what you get.
  • 6 - I would only buy this again if I had extra money to burn.
  • 4 - It’s too expensive for me to consider ever buying again.
  • 2 - Complete waste of money.
  • 0 - I’m sueing for a refund.


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