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A Rep's Guide to SR

November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By

Millions of supplement users trust SR to cut through the marketing hype and help them find the best quality supplements from the top manufacturers. You want to manage your brand properly on SR without stepping on any toes, so here is your guide to getting involved.


Signing up as a Rep


We need to make sure you are authorized to represent the company you work for. We do this with a verification process that might take up to a day or two. Sign up as a rep here:


Your Rep CP (Representative Control Panel) is where you can manage all aspects of your brand. Managing your brand through your Rep CP is a big responsibility and foul play can get you in a lot of trouble. Read about our official rules here.  Your Rep CP is located here:



#1 Priority: Getting Your Products Reviewed


The first thing you should do as a rep is get your products reviewed.  This is absolute best way to get free exposure in our community.


  1. Get started by clicking the "Get Reviews" tab in your Rep CP
  2. Read more about getting your products reviewed on SR.


Thinking of sending your followers to review you?  Please don't.


Realize that SR is not like other review sites. Each vote is not counted equally. It’s not about the quantity of reviews, but the quality of reviews and quality of reviewers. Read more about Overall Scores and Weighted Averages.


This is not a free-for-all popularity contest, so sending your army of devout followers to post reviews will do nothing for your brand. Reviews you achieve from encouraging non-members to sign up and leave you feedback will not count towards your overall score. In fact, it will look bad if all you have are low-quality and untrustworthy reviews for your products.  Read more about why we do NOT want your fans to post reviews.


The bottom line is: never ask anyone to review your products. Ever. Not even on your Facebook page or website. We encourage you to show off your brand page on your Facebook page or website, but just don’t tell anyone to write you a review.


Manage/Update Brand and Product Info


The first thing you will see in your Rep CP is the “Brand Info” page. Here, you can update the information we have on your brand, including your logo, description, homepage, add/update products, etc.


It is important to make sure your brand and product info is as up-to-date as possible on SR so your customers can easily find you. Read more about our Rep CP editorial guidelines.


Reply to Reviews


Not everyone is going to like your products. It’s just how things are. But getting a bad review is an opportunity to show your dedication to customer satisfaction by responding to their review and addressing their concerns and criticisms in a responsible manner. Show the community that you care about what users are saying about your products.


Answer Questions


Supplementation can be confusing and that is why we have a Q&A section for each product. Help educate your customers by honestly answering their questions. The professionalism you express in your answers will be appreciated by our community.


Gain Followers


Much like Twitter or Instagram, our members can follow brands, products and other users who they find interesting to customize their homepage newsfeed experience. Your followers will see your announcements, new products, latest reviews, questions, deals and coupons.


Post Announcements


Posting announcements allows you to keep everyone in the loop about your brand. Your announcements will be visible on the “Discussion” tab of your brand page, as well as the newsfeeds of your followers.


There is no limit to how many announcements you can post. Just remember that if you post too many, people may start unfollowing you.


Share Deals


Our Deals section is open for everybody to post in, but only the best deals are voted to the top by our community. Read more about posting in our Deals Section.


Add Your Prices


Drive buyers to your website by adding your prices to our “Where to Buy” price comparison engine. You can start by adding an unlimited number of prices for free. You only have to pay if you want to boost your prices to the top. This option is open to both manufacturers and retailers alike. Read more about adding your Merchant Price Comparison feed.


Become a Trusted Brand


The SR Trusted Brand badge is awarded monthly to the brand that has received the best reviews over the previous 6 months and is in good standing with SR.


We encourage recipients of the Trusted Brand badge to use our logo on their products, website and marketing material. Read more about the SR Trusted Brand badge.


Win Product of the Month


The Product of the Month is awarded each month to the product that received the best reviews over the past 6 months. Each product may win this award only once.


Just like the Trusted Brand award, we encourage recipients of this award to use our badge on their product label, website and promotional material. You can see a full list of award winners, or check the “dashboard” tab of any of your products to see if it has won the award.


Sponsorship Opportunities


All options we’ve suggested so far are available free of charge. Brand participation is important to create a well-rounded community, so we want to make sure that you have plenty of incentive to get onboard, even if you aren’t willing to shell out any advertising dollars.


One of the main problems with the supplement industry is the seemingly endless amount of marketing hype. It is often hard to distinguish actual content from advertising. We have taken a stance against marketing hype by only offering two distinct advertising avenues.


The first option is to boost your Merchant Price Comparison feed.


The second option is the Sponsored Brand package. Get your announcements on the homepage, a banner on the forum and homepage, more followers, access to post on the forum, and social media cross promotions.


The Big No-No’s


We run a tight ship here at SR. We’ve noticed that some reps will do anything they can to aggressively promote their brand without thinking about consequences. As a rule of thumb, if you are doing anything and “hoping a moderator doesn’t notice”, then you probably shouldn’t do it. We will catch you. And we will ban you. And we will post a notice for everyone to see how you were trying to cheat the system. Brush up on the Rep Rules before trying anything.


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