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Rep Rules on SR

November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By

Managing your brand on SR is a big responsibility. We take our content very seriously and have no tolerance for foul play.


What happens to rule breakers?


At our sole discretion, we may decide that a company rep has broken our rules and disable the administrative privileges for their brand.


Furthermore, if the company rep has blatantly disregarded our rules in an attempt to mislead our visitors in any way, we reserve the right to share these actions publicly on their brand page.


Rep Rules


Who is a Rep?


  • A rep is anyone even remotely affiliated with a supplement company. This includes anyone:
    • Employed by the company
    • Friends with the owner or an employee of the company
    • Part of the "Official Test Team"
    • Sponsored Athlete
    • College Roommates with the company owner
  • In general, if you have to ask yourself “Am I a rep?”, the answer is probably yes.




  • Company reps must apply to be a rep before interacting with the site in any way.
    • We want to make sure our site is completely unbiased, so it is important for everyone to identify who is working for what brand. Before you comment, ask or answer questions, post on the forum, or post deals, you must apply to be a rep:
  • Company reps may not mention their brand or products anywhere outside their designated areas.
    • The designated areas include their own announcements, questions about their own products, reviews on their own products and the deals section. If the company is a sponsor, they may also post in the sponsored board section of the forum.
  • Company reps may not post reviews.
    • In order to remain totally unbiased, we have disallowed the posting of reviews by any rep.
  • Company reps may not post on the forum, (unless they are a sponsor and they are posting in the sponsors board).
  • Company reps may not post any sort of promotional messages around the site, for example:
    • Reply to review: If this product didn’t work for you, be sure to check out our product.
    • Answer to a question: Don’t use this product! It’s not as good as ours!


Rep CP


  • Editorial guidelines must be followed when editing the brand or product information in the Rep CP.
    • We pride ourselves on having quality content, so we expect reps to adhere to our editorial guidelines.
  • The brand takes full responsibility for the actions of anyone they grant access to their Rep CP.




  • Reps may not post reviews on any products, especially their own.
  • Reps may not ask for reviews. Sending your customers to our website to post reviews may work with other review sites, but it is not acceptable on SR. You may use the SR TROOPs to get reviews.


Deliberate manipulation


  • Reps may not intentionally manipulate the system by creating duplicate accounts, or offering incentives to anyone to create an account on SR for the purpose of promoting their brand.

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