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Member Trust

April 3, 2017 // In SR Help // By



We understand this here at SR and know that not everyone who signs up to our site is a trustworthy character. That is why we have a Member Trust score for each and every one of our members.


When you first sign up, you start out with 0% trust. You earn trust every time you post valuable, quality content on our site. You lose trust if you post low-quality or suspicious content.


Your trust score is taken into account when calculating Overall Scores and Weighted Averages. If you have 0% trust, your ratings basically don’t count. If you have 100% trust, your ratings are fully counted.


Why would someone have 0% trust?


We only want the highest quality content on SR. If you want to be one of 20,000 people to post a 10/10, one-sentence review of a sample pack of C4, please go somewhere else.


In order to remain as unbiased as possible, we have spent countless hours kicking trolls and undercover reps off our site. It’s a disturbingly common practice for company reps to create fake accounts and give all their products a perfect 10/10 rating or for them to encourage their army of zombie-like followers to sign up to SR, leave perfect ratings for all their products, and then never return.


So giving a 0% trust score weeds out all of the fakers:


  • The guy who signs up, posts one review and never comes back.
  • The village idiot who doesn’t actually know anything about supplements.
  • The undercover rep who tries to artificially inflate their ratings.


How do I unlock the achievement of 100% Trust on SR?


All members start off with 0% trust. Trust is always shown as a value between 0 and 100%. It's updated once a day (in the middle of the night). Here are some ways to increase your trust:


  1. Contribute quality content to the site: reviews, comments, answers, deals and forum posts.
  2. Earn more reputation points (see below).
  3. Complete your profile (by filling in your age, gender, bio, location and uploading a selfie).
  4. Link your FB/Twitter/G+ accounts for added transparency.
  5. Spend more time on the site.


How do I get more Reputation (rep) points?


Reputation (also known as "rep") is a measure of how much you've contributed to You receive reputation points when other members find your posts helpful. You lose reputation points when other members find your posts unhelpful.


Say a member "SrUser86" has a reputation of +400. This means that other members have clicked "Helpful" on SrUser86's posts (reviews, answers, deals, forum posts) +400 more times than they have clicked "Not Helpful". So maybe there were 500 "Helpful" clicks and 100 "Not Helpful" clicks = Reputation of +400.


The only way that you can acquire reputation points is to post stuff that other people like. They have to like it enough to click the "Helpful". The best way to get rep points is by posting quality, honest, thorough and unbiased reviews. You can also post answers to people's questions awesome deals/coupons or insightful posts on the forum.

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