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Member Rules and Code of Conduct

November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By

Running SR isn’t an easy job. We must defend our castle from the constant attacks of spammers, scammers and internet trolls. It helps us tremendously if you follow these simple rules:


Don’t try to plug your product before reading the Rep Guide


This is our number one complaint. Company reps come on the site and try to plug their product/website/service everywhere possible. There are a lot of ways you can promote your products on SR for free without getting yourself banned. Read more about the Rep Guidelines here.


What are warnings?


Moderators can issue "Official Warnings" to members who break the rules or cause trouble. 3 Warnings within 90 days results in a loss of posting privileges.


If you receive one, don't freak out! This does not mean you are a bad person or we are going to ban you. It just means that we felt one of your posts was not within the site rules and we are kindly letting you know.


Use common sense


Keep the site organized by posting the appropriate content in the right areas. Take the extra three seconds to find the correct product or place to post your question.


The following is not allowed:


  • Posting questions in reviews
  • Duplicate questions (Search first please!)
  • Failure to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. (This is an English-language site!)
  • Posting in the wrong board on the forum.
  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Starting threads with unspecific subjects (Example: Starting a thread with the subject "Please Help")
  • No swearing or vulgarity. We pride ourselves on our quality content. If you want to flame people, please go to another forum.


Be respectful!


The internet is full of trolls and flame wars. We pride ourselves on having a pleasant, friendly and respectful vibe. If you notice any flaming or inappropriate posts, please REPORT them!


The following is not allowed:


  • Being disrespectful to fellow members.
  • Participating in flame wars even if you didn’t start it. Please just report the posts instead of getting involved.
  • Intentionally circumventing the curse sensor.
  • Posting any inappropriate material.


Writing a review?


See our Review Authoring Editorial Guidelines.


Why Can’t I (insert action here)??


New members have more restrictions to prove they aren’t just here to spam our community:


  • Posting on the Forum:
    • You’re required to first introduce yourself in a new thread before posting in the forum. This is to help prevent spammers from sneaking a link into a threat that’s been dead for a while, but also to help the community understand who you are and what your goals are.
  • Clicking “Helpful/Not Helpful”:
    • You must have +3 rep. This is to prevent company reps from hiring a flood of users to click “Helpful” on all their fake 10/10 reviews to boost them to the top.
  • Getting your review to count:
    • Your reviews only count as much as your Trust %. If you have 100% Trust, your review counts 100%. If you have 0% Trust, your review counts 0%. Read more about Member Trust here.
  • Sending Private Messages:
    • You must have at least one post on the forum. This is to prevent spammers from lurking on the site and just sending every member a spam private message.

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