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July 18, 2017 // In SR Help // By

We work hard to expose the truth in the supplement industry and bring you a valuable resource you can trust.  Here are some ways in which you can give back and support our mission:


1. Sign Up and Engage


You can be a valuable member of the community without ever writing a review.  Clicking the helpful/not helpful buttons and leaving comments are a great way to contribute.  Our community works best when we engage, support and provide feedback for one another.




2. Shop with our Price Comparison Tool


A small commission of sales through big retailers like Amazon,, AllStarHealth, etc will go to SR if you click the price links a top of the page.  Using our price comparison engine before your next purchase helps SR recover costs for servers, staff, development and other expenses we incur, and doesn’t cost you a penny more!




3. Share our Message


The single most difficult part of bringing truth to the supplement industry is getting our message in front of consumers before they get swindled by someone else.  Companies that sell expensive scammy products have a lot more money to spend on advertising than we do.  Our only option is to leverage our massive following and encourage them to spread our message.


Here are some ways you can share our message:


Social Media


Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube - comment, share and like our posts!


Other forums and blogs


Mentioning SR as a resource on other forums, reddit, blogs, etc can help us greatly.  Don’t assume that everyone already knows about SR!


Reaching out to Brands


Getting brand reps to sign up and participate on our site helps us grow and expand our reach.  If you’re in contact with a brand, let them know that you’re a fan of SR and you’d love to see them get their products on here.

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