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How to Get Your Products Reviewed on SR by the TROOPs

April 6, 2015 // In SR Help // By

Quick Summary:


You can easily get your products reviewed by our most trusted, influencial members (for free).

  1. Go to the "Get Reviews" tab in your Rep CP.
  2. Select the product you want reviewed and the number of reviewers.  Click "Submit"
  3. Wait (up to 4 days) for reviewers to claim your products.
  4. You'll ship a full container of your product out to each 
  5. Wait 6-10 weeks (getting updates along the way) and then watch the reviews start coming in!


Why get your products reviewed? is the starting point for more and more supplement buyers.  You can massively boost your exposure by getting your products on our site and reviewed by our most trusted, reputable members.  On average, products that have at least one trusted review receive TWELVE TIMES the exposure as those that do not:


  • Every time a new review is posted, that review is featured on the homepage for a few days, giving your products and brand instant exposure to our community.  

  • Once your product is given a rating, it will jump up from the very bottom of it’s category page to the “ranked” section, and even include a picture of your product.  Here’s an example page that shows the “ranked” products at the top and the “Products with No Reviews” at the bottom.

  • If your products are well received by our community, they can earn a Product of the Month badge, a spot on the leaderboards, as well as being listed as a default “stacks well with” suggestion.

  • If you have several well-received products, you’ll have a chance to earn the “Trusted Brand of the Month” badge.


SR is different than other sites


The first thing you need to know is that SR works a little different than most review sites.  Unlike, GNC and Amazon, it’s not a free-for-all popularity contest to see who can send the largest army of followers to flood our site with reviews.


SR uses a different model - instead of brands sending THEIR reviewers to post on our site, brands send their products to OUR reviewers who post on our site.  This keeps the playing field level, makes it impossible for brands to game the system, and ensures all brands have an opportunity to rank on our site based on the merits of their products, not on their marketing and social media efforts.  Read more about why we don’t want you to send your fans to leave reviews on SR.


The SR TROOPs (Trusted Reviewer Open Opportunity Program)


The SR TROOPs are made up of only the top reviewers on our site.  All TROOPers have at least five published reviews and considerable community participation.  See more about our TROOPer Levels and requirements here.


How to Open a new Opportunity


  1. Start by visiting the “Get Reviews” tab in your Rep CP.  

  2. Select the product and number of reviews you want (3 to 15), and click "Submit".  


Your opportunity will be open for 4 days or until all of the products are claimed.  During that time, your products will be listed in a special section on the homepage that allows qualified reviewers to claim your products.


You'll get a list of addresses, and you'll ship a full container of the product to each of them.  From that point, the ball is out of your court!  Every product you send out is tracked in one easy-to-use dashboard, and you’ll get notified with updates along the way.  After about 6-10 weeks, you’ll start to see your reviews flowing in.


Reviews for Retailers


We understand that reviews for your online store are important as well, and have created a Reviewer program specifically for you. It still uses the same team, but the process is a little different:


  • Since you can’t send out products, you’ll just send money that our reviewers will spend at your store.
  • Instead of keeping you in the loop every step of the way, we intentionally hide the status of the order to prevent any special treatment from occurring.


You pay $100 per review, and we promise that each reviewer will spend at least $75 at your store in the next 60 days.


The nitty gritty


For liability’s sake, by sending us product, you are agreeing to the following:


  • The review cannot be modified after it is posted.
    • We can’t remove or change a review just because you don’t like the way it went.
  • We make no guarantees that we will match you with any reviewers, or the exact reviewers that you want.
  • We do not take responsibility if a reviewer goes MIA.
    • We have very strict rules within the SR TROOPs, and any member who doesn’t write a review is removed from the team. 
  • The process may take a long time before your reviews are published. Possibly even 4+ months. Injuries and illness may strike a particular reviewer. Some containers take longer to complete than others.
  • We don’t do logs.


Get started!


It takes between 6-10 weeks to get your products reviewed, so the sooner you start, the sooner your reviews will show up.  Visit the Get Reviews tab in your Rep CP now!


Questions?  Be sure to check out the TROOP FAQ


Find out more about the SR TROOPs in our TROOP Center!

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