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How to get Free Products Through the SR TROOPs

January 28, 2016 // In SR Help // By admin

Do you consider yourself to be a supplement aficionado?  Are you capable of breaking down and analyzing an ingredient label?  Would you like to receive free products (full containers, not just samples) in exchange for writing quality, in-depth and critical reviews?


If you answered yes to all these questions, then you’ll make a great SR TROOPer!  Read on…


The SR TROOPs is a bit different than traditional “logging opportunities” at other forums.  We’re a lot more structured and organized, meaning the process is streamlined for both reviewers and reps.


Rather than having to apply to each opportunity individually, you can simply click a button to claim your next product:



Every product you claim is tracked in your TROOPer Dashboard, making it easy for you to stay on top of your reviews:



The more products you successfully review, the more products you’ll be able to claim!


How do I become a TROOPer?


Start by signing up and posting a review on a product you have already used.  Make sure you’re writing quality, thorough and in-depth reviews to prove to our community that you’re a worthy reviewer.


Keep in mind that our standard for reviews here is MUCH higher than you’ll find at other sites like or Amazon.  You’ll need to write more than just a few words about the product.  We expect your review to be 400+ words, use correct spelling and grammar, and critically analyze the product in a way that helps educate and inform our viewers.


Start increasing your Member Trust


Once you have a few reviews posted to the site, you’ll start to see your Member Trust go up.  Posting quality reviews is definitely the best way to earn Member Trust and work your way to becoming a TROOPer.


Once you hit 100% Member Trust, you’ll automatically be upgraded to TROOPer status and eligible to claim products from the program.


How long does it take?


Typically, it takes around 1-2 months and 5-10 quality reviews in order to hit 100% Member Trust and become a TROOPer.


It takes this long because we want to make sure that you’re as dedicated to the program as everyone else.  TROOPers who claim products and never review them are actually hurting the SR TROOPs as a whole; company reps are less likely to send products out if they aren’t getting reviews in return.


Can I get kicked out of the TROOPs?


Yes, you can.  If you go too long without posting a review on a product you received through the TROOPs, and you don’t have a good excuse, you may end up on the TROOPer Blacklist.


Furthermore, if the quality of your reviews starts slipping, or you are late getting your reviews up, you might not be able to claim anymore products for a while.  See the Dynamic TROOPer Limits.


Does it cost anything?


Nope, it’s 100% free!


What should I do now?


If you haven’t already, you should Sign Up and post your first review!


Find out more about the SR TROOPs in our TROOP Center!


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