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Fully Managed Sponsored Brand

March 20, 2015 // In SR Help // By

Finding, hiring and managing forum reps is a headache that nobody needs to deal with.  You want to get more exposure with an SR Sponsorship, but the last thing you need is another management responsibility.  We’ve created a solution that allows you to get the most out of your sponsorship without having to waste your time on the hassle of finding and managing a forum rep.


Introducing the “ Brand Manager” (SRBM)


The SR Brand Manager (or SRBM for short) is a dedicated member of the SR team who will personally maximize your presence on SR.  He already knows all the in’s, out’s, rules and best practices of being a rep on SR, so you’ll hit the gates at full speed as soon as you sign up.


You will work with him directly - simply email him anything you want to be promoted and he’ll find the right channel on SR to share it - whether it’s an announcement, deal, forum discussion thread or social media cross promo.  Hop on the phone with him once a month to go over your general marketing strategy and what products he should be focusing his efforts on.


Too busy to keep in touch?  That’s not a problem.  The SR Brand Manager understands you’re busy, and will use your other social media outlets to find content to share with SR.  He’ll subscribe to your Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, blog, Pinterest, Instagram and even follow you on other forums.  If you’re off the grid for months at a time, your brand will still be active and running smoothly on SR.


You’ll receive a monthly report with a summary of your brand activity on SR.  This is an easy way to check his work and a periodic reminder to fill him in on any big updates about your brand.


How does the SRBM balance his duties between brands?


The SR Brand Manager has multiple accounts, but this does not create a conflict of interest.  Our sponsorship program is set up so that brands are not fighting each other for exposure.  For example, if a user posts a new thread on the forum and asks “What is the best Pre-Workout?”, reps aren’t allowed to answer this question and promote their products, no matter what.  Unlike other forums, we don’t allow reps to promote their brand outside of a few very specific areas.


Also, by having multiple accounts, the SR Brand Manager’s workload is substantial enough for him to take his job seriously.  He isn’t just compensated in free products - he earns a real income and is motivated to stick around and do his best work.


Since the SR Brand Manager is part of the SR team, it is our responsibility to monitor his productivity, pay him, and even replace him if he ever decides to leave or is underperforming. The Fully-Managed Sponsorship option shifts these responsibilities off of your plate so that you have time to manage and grow your business.


What specific tasks will the SR Brand Manager perform?


On average, the SRBM will have the following goals for each brand:

  • Post one deal per week

  • Post one announcement per week

  • Post one forum thread per week

  • Update banner once per month

  • Update content for the newsletter once a month

  • Bi-Weekly Social Media promotions

  • Getting all products reviewed as much as possible

  • Monthly call with the brand to discuss activity on the site

  • Monthly report summarizing the brand activity


Ongoing responsibilities:

  • Ensure up to date brand info

    • Logo, description, Facebook, Twitter, description, etc.

  • Manage products

    • Add new ones

    • Keep labels/descriptions/images updates

    • Add prices to website


On-demand services:

  • Answer questions about the brand’s products

  • Respond to reviews on the brand’s products


How do I get started?


In your Rep CP, select the “Sponsored Brand” tab, and then select the “Fully-Managed” option - you’ll receive an email from the SRBM and can reply directly to him.

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