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The Expert Reviewer Team

November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By admin

The Expert Reviewer Team is an exclusive, elite group of users who have an established reputation for posting exceptionally high quality, thorough and unbiased reviews. All of our Experts have 100% trust, and their ratings are heavily weighted when determining a product’s overall score. See more about Overall Scores and Weighted Averages.


The experts are a the highest ranked members of the SR TROOPs.  They enjoy special perks like getting the first pick at new products, increased review limits and a special section on the homepage.


Submitting your product for review


You can get your products reviewed by our experts for free. Check out more in our article: How to Get Your Products Reviewed on SR.


Interested in becoming an expert reviewer?


Not everyone is cut out to be an expert reviewer. You will need to have years of lifting and supplementation experience. Naturally, you’ll also need to understand what goes into creating a quality, thorough and unbiased review.


The ER group is invite-only. The ER’s are on the site every day, reading each new review that gets posted. If you are interested in joining our team, simply write a review on any supplements you have used to the best of your ability. Remember, quality reviews do not go unnoticed, so if you are posting reviews of the highest quality, we could be extending an invitation to you! Read more about creating a creating a quality, thorough and unbiased review.


If you want to get free products for review, anyone with quality reviews can become part of the SR TROOPs.

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