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November 14, 2014 // In SR Help // By admin

Learn how to get your products reviewed on SR:


Read about the TROOPs here:


Do I HAVE to send a full container?


Yes.  This is a global rule on the site.  Nobody is allowed to post a review unless they have used a full container.  We don’t believe that reviewers can write a thorough and critical review based off just a few sample packs.


Can I send a sample pack or trial size?


No.  Our reviewers will not post a review if they receive a trial or sample size.  We ask that you send a container with at least 20-30 servings.


Can I just send them a discount code?


If you want to streamline shipping, you may give the reviewer a code for 100% off (including free shipping) so they can order it themselves from amazon, your site or somewhere else.  Keep in mind that they must NOT need to enter a credit card or pay anything at all.


Can they write reviews other places?


No.  The agreement is that each product you sent out will result in one review on our site. Asking reviewers to do anything outside of the site is against our terms.


You can post our reviews on your site using our Reviews Widget.


Can I have the reviewers post on social media and hashtag?


No, but feel free to repost the reviews on your social media accounts as long as you keep a source link back to the original review intact.


Can we require a blood panel?


You can ask for bloodwork to be done before and after the use of the product, but it won’t be mandatory, and you’ll be required to reimburse any expenses incurred for the bloodwork.


Will the reviewers log the product?


Only if they choose to log your product.  We’ve found that the best logs are created only when the reviewer chooses to log the product on their own.  


What happens if I don’t like the way the review turns out?


Obviously not everyone will react the same way to the same product.  Keep in mind that we will never delete reviews unless they directly violate our rules (spam, profanity, etc).  We encourage you to respond to ALL reviews (your comment will clearly designate you as the rep) so that you can show the community your commitment to transparency and customer service.


What qualifies someone to be a TROOPer?


Only TROOPers are eligible to claim opportunities.  In order to be a TROOPer you must have 100% Member Trust and at least two approved reviews.


6-10 weeks?  Why does it take so long?


Keep in mind that our reviewers must start and finish a full container of your product before they can post a review.  It we promised you a faster turn-around, it


Quicker turn-arounds elsewhere are probably reviewing sample packs, or posting fake reviews.  At the bare minimum, the reviewer needs to complete a full container which usually takes about 30 days.  Add on finding the reviewer, shipping, and authoring the review.  And that’s if the reviewer isn’t busy finishing up a run of the product before you, they don’t get injured, have a baby, etc.  Life happens.  Our reviewers do not dedicate their lives to reviewing your product, but it’s still one of their passions.


What happens if the TROOPers don’t ever post a review?


Our tracking system makes it easy us to immediately see what the status of every single order is.  You’ll be able to see what products have been received, which TROOPers have posted reviews, and what is past due.  You’ll be able to send the TROOPer friendly reminders on past-due orders, as well as add/view comments on orders to check their status.


Our TROOPers aren’t just random users that signed up yesterday only to snag a free product.  It takes dedication to earn the privilege, so it’s very unlikely for these members to throw that away by jumping ship.


Can the TROOPers claim as many products as they want?


No.  Our TROOPers may claim up to 6 products at a time (maximum of 2 products per category).  Once they reach their limit, they’ll start having to post reviews in order to claim more.  Any TROOPers that are also on the Expert Team can claim up to 9 products, or 3 per category.


Can I send a few products out and then the rest out after I start seeing some reviews?


No.  If you don't mark a product as "shipped" after 14 days, the order is automatically canceled.  You can open as many opportunities as you would like, though. 


Find out more about the SR TROOPs in our TROOP Center!

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