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Dynamic TROOPer Limits

August 5, 2015 // In SR Help // By

The SR TROOPers are the driving force behind the machine.  It’s your quality, in-depth and critical reviews that provide valuable insight to tens of thousands of skeptical supplement users each day.  The SR TROOPs helps get products in your hands so you can keep your shaker cup full and share more experiences.  In order to keep the TROOPs running like a well-oiled machine, we’re giving incentives to TROOPers who promptly update and review the products they receive through the program.


Introducing: Dynamic TROOPer Limits


Each TROOPer has a limit to the number of products they can claim at one time.  Once they hit their limit, they will have to start reviewing some of their already claimed products in order to free up some space in their cap.


These limits are not set in stone.  As you claim more products and promptly update and post your reviews, your limits will begin to increase.  If you fall behind on your reviews, your limits will decrease, and you won’t be able to claim more products until you are caught up.


The Bottom Line: Don’t claim products you aren’t going to review!


If you don’t have time or energy to post reviews, you shouldn’t be claiming products.  We understand that life gets busy sometimes and posting reviews isn’t always at the top of your priority list, but it’s better to not claim products in the first place rather than keeping everyone waiting for your review.


Furthermore, if you don’t plan to take a product soon after receiving it, don’t claim it!  It’s not fair to force the rep to wait an extra month before you even begin to take their product.  The program is not intended to help you “stock up” on supplements.


Communication is key.


The SR TROOPs would not exist without reps sending you products for free.  They are fulfilling their side of the deal immediately without any consideration by sending you the product for free.  Until you actually post your review, they will always fear that you’ll just disappear.  To them, you’re just some random person on the internet with no repercussions for disappearing into thin air.


Keeping your orders updated with notes and consistent status updates is the best way to make sure the reps don’t start freaking out.  There are many reasons why you might be a little late on your review, but keeping the rep and SR in the loop with notes on your orders will keep the pistons pumping smoothly.


How are the limits calculated?


First off, the limits are calculated in real-time.  If you have over-due reviews, your limits will go up immediately after catching up.


Here’s how the numbers work.  Your base limit is based off your TROOPer Level.  Level 1 TROOPers start out with 1, and the base increases until Level 40 which has a base of 9.  Your limit is adjusted for the following:


  • How many "Helpful votes" did your last 7 reviews get?
  • Do you have one pending review that is extremely overdue?

  • How many days overdue total are all your pending reviews?

  • On average, how overdue are all of your pending reviews?

  • In the last 4 months, how promptly have you updated your orders?

  • Has the entire TROOP community gone 30+ days without an order being canceled? 


Your per-category limit is about 1/3rd of your overall limit, with a maximum of 2.  


There’s a few “notices” that you might see:


  • “Your limits will increase as you claim and promptly review products.”

    • You’re brand new and you don’t have any history or experience as a TROOP.  We start you off with lower limits and gradually increase them as you become more familiar and experienced with the program.


  • "One or more of your orders is long overdue.  Please update your statuses or post your reviews to increase your limits."

    • Often times, this is something that is immediately fixable.  If you have overdue reviews or updates (marking products as “Received”, “Started Taking”, “Finished Taking”), then correcting these issues will often times raise your limits.  If you see a notice on the top of the homepage asking you to update your orders, those are probably the ones that are causing your limits to drop.


  • "Your limits are slightly decreased due to lack of timely updates and reviews over the last four months (or lack of activity).  Promptly updating your orders and posting your reviews will help increase your limits."  

    • This looks at your average update duration over the last four months.  If you haven’t had much TROOP activity over the last 4 months, or you have been habitually late to update your products/post reviews, this will decrease your limits.  This is not something that can be fixed overnight.  

    • Also, keep in mind that updating orders “too quickly” also can count against you.  If you mark a product as “Received, Started Taking, and Finished Taking” all in one day, this doesn’t look good.  The best way to increase your limits is keeping your orders updated in real time.


  • "Your recent reviews have not been voted as very helpful by our community.  Please improve your review quality to claim more products."

    • The average "helpful" vote count from your last 9 reviews is below 10.  You'll need to improve your review quality.

    • You might have just published a review or two.  Allow some time for our community to read and rep your reviews.


  • "One of your recent reviews was very poorly received.  You must improve your recent review quality before you can claim more products. "

    • This means that a single one of your recent reviews was not very well received by our community - you'll need to either fix that review or start posting better quality reviews in general in order to claim products again.



Punctually updating and posting reviews helps keep everything running smoothly.  This means more products and opportunities for yourself and your fellow TROOPers.  




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