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  • The Humble Beginnings of

    By admin 13 days ago •   (7)

    The year was 2006. My college roommate (who was not known for making the best decisions) comes into my room with a nearly-full tub of the newly debuted NO-Xplode.

  • Member Trust

    By admin 3 weeks ago

    The internet is a scary place. It's hard to know who to trust, especially in an industry rampant with pseudo-science and marketing hype.

  • TROOPer Levels

    By admin March 1, 2017

    TROOPer Levels are a way for us to reward members who continually write quality, in-depth and honest reviews through the SR TROOPs. The higher your level, the higher your claiming priority will be and the more products you'll be able to claim at a time.

  • The TROOPer Buy Program

    By admin February 14, 2017

    Here at, our goal is to provide our visitors with honest, in-depth and unbiased reviews on any supplement they may be interested in. It's not helpful for anyone to see the infamous "Sorry, no reviews for this product yet" page.

  • Why is Still the Most Trustworthy Source for Reviews?

    By admin January 22, 2017 •   (2)

    Consumer trust in online reviews is at an all-time low, and for a good reason. We estimate that about 1/3rd of the reviews submitted to our site are bogus. (We say "submitted" because these reviews don't actually get published). While other sites are publishing every single review that gets submitted, SR takes a much closer look at each and every review in our system.

  • Stats and Ranks on SR

    By admin January 20, 2017

    Stats and Ranks on SR

  • When a TROOPer should cancel their order

    By admin December 31, 2016

    There are only a few valid reasons for a TROOPer to cancel their order.

  • How to get Free Products Through the SR TROOPs

    By admin January 28, 2016

    Do you consider yourself to be a supplement aficionado? Are you capable of breaking down and analyzing an ingredient label? Would you like to receive free products (full containers, not just samples) in exchange for writing quality, in-depth and critical reviews? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you'll make a great SR TROOPer! Read on

  • PSA: Their are Grammar Mistakes in You're Reviews

    By admin January 18, 2016 •   (12)

    If you didn't immediately notice something wrong with the title, you need to read this.

  • How to Generate a Product Feed for

    By admin January 1, 2016

    So you want to get your prices listed on our site, but you're having trouble figuring out how to generate the proper feed of your products and prices.

  • Why You Should Sign Up as a Rep on

    By admin December 28, 2015

    Let's face it. You're busy. You want to get involved on SR but get immediately discouraged when asked to sign up. We understand.

  • Where is My Review?

    By admin December 27, 2015

    You sent out a handful of your products and crossed your fingers. A few months later, your reviews start rolling in. You seemed to get most of the reviews you signed up for, but there are still one or two who seem to have gone MIA.

  • Why We Don't Delete Discontinued Products

    By admin December 18, 2015

    Our motto here at SR is complete and total transparency. We'd rather show too much information than try and hide things from our visitors.

  • Reviewers not Perfectly Following Label Directions

    By admin October 26, 2015 •   (3)

    A recurring complaint we receive from company reps is that reviewers aren't taking their products exactly as directed. We do encourage all reviewers to take products exactly as directed, however it's impossible for us to enforce.

  • Supplement Reviews: A Must Have

    By admin October 14, 2015

    Respondents to a survey were asked to identify what influenced them the most when purchasing supplements. The study found that while 30.37% of consumers identified recommendations from friends (or trainer/doctor) as their top influence, that review sites were selected by an almost equal number of consumers at 28.08%

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