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Savage Supplements Wins Trusted Brand of the Month for July, 2018

July 1, 2018 // In SR Awards // By ExAdmin

The winner of the coveted Trusted Brand of the Month award for July, 2018 goes to Savage Supplements. With 4 products on our site, and a weighted average of 8.0/10 after 12 reviews, Savage Supplements ranks among the top brands on

About Savage Supplements:
Our mission is to create and produce the most effective hardcore nutritional supplements on the market to dominate your world inside and outside the gym. We believe that proper nutritional supplementation is vital to achieving your long term fitness goals. The dedication, grit, and hard-work you put in at the gym directly correlates to your mood, productivity, and overall happiness. Savage Supplements is here to lead the way.

Read more about Savage Supplements, or visit their homepage:


  • mattyi02
    Rep: +15
    July 1, 2018

    Thank you SR for the recognition! We are honored to be July's Trusted Brand of the Month! STAY SAVAGE!

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