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mTor Pro Wins Supplement of the Month for December, 2018

December 1, 2018 // In SR Awards // By Admin

The winner of the coveted Supplement of the Month award for December, 2018 goes to mTor Pro by Myokem. With a weighted average of 8.2/10 after 10 reviews, mTor Pro ranks among the top products in the Amino Acids > BCAA/EAA category.

About mTor Pro:
Developed over several years of clinical testing and scientific study, mTOR PRO is a powerful BCAA supplement that features a unique formula of vitamins and essential amino acids to promote muscle recovery and repair, build endurance and improve overall athletic performance. mTOR PRO is currently the only supplement on the market to use the time-released form of leucine known as ActiveTR. Each ingredient has gone through years of studies and trials to ensure safety and deliver proven results, and the components work together to enhance effects and benefits.

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