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green17 Wins Member of the Month for October, 2019

2 weeks ago // In SR Awards // By Admin

The winner of the coveted Member of the Month award for October, 2019 goes to green17. As a member since September, 2009 and a reputation of +8 (including a gain of 0 rep points last month), we are honored to have green17 as one of the top members on our site.

About green17:
Height: 6’1”
Weight: clean diet = 190-195 otherwise 195-203

Typical routines include 3 minutes eliptical, stretching, weights, 15-20 minutes of cardio approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

I have been working out for 20 years since my parents bought me my first Weider rubber band universal gym in Junior High School. I had always been a little heavier as a kid but hit the weights hard in High School and college. I have always been athletic; played football and baseball, hockey then cheerleading in college which turned out to be the most challenging.

Within the past 7 years, I found myself traveling frequently and having to plan ahead for workouts, supplements, and watch my diet as it is easy to overload on carbs on business trips globally. One day in 2006 after just getting over a dislocated shoulder injury, I checked in at 262 on the scale after a trip to Europe and was disgusted. Months of cardio in the morning and weights at night with a clean diet helped me drop to a lean 183. I have experimented with different supplements and the best advice so far has been that no one supplement is a magic bullet and works for everyone. You have to try it and report the results! I found in my “journey” that you have to put in the work and watch what you eat. It is also healthy to pick about 3 of each type of supplement like a preworkout powder and rotate them. I loved this website over the past year for guidance and now want to start giving back.

I have carefully planned about 40 weeks of training that constantly changes bodypart splits and reps to continually shock the muscles. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask!

I find the best prices at Mass and and also since they have a physical building, my GNC matches them and then beats their price by a buck which is nice because of the 30 return policy.

------Current Stack-------
Thermogenics: RoxyLean
Pre-workout: Muscle Marinade
Inta-workout: Scivation Xtend
Protein: 1 scoop Gaspari Myofusion with 1 scoop of either Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 or Species Isolyze
Added IsoFlex from Allmax
Vitamins below

------Favorite supplements as of now------

Muscle Marinade, Juggernaut
Protein: Allmax IsoFlex, Gaspari Myofusion
Scivation Xtend
ProMera Health Con-Cret
USP Labs OxyELITE Pro, BPI RoxyLean
GNC Megmen Sport
GNS Vitamin C with rose hips
GNC Green Tea Extract
Sam’s Fish Oil
Sam’s B12
Sam’s Glucosamine Chrondroitin
Protein Bars:
Supreme Protein
Dymatize Elite Gourmet
Pure Protein
Oh Yeah
Quest Bars
Blender bottle
Harbinger 1260 gloves
APT Motivator Lifting Straps
Nike Velcro belt

------Favorite stores/sites------
Supplement Warehouse

Mass Nutrition


Animal Pak “Journey”

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