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EVLution Nutrition Wins Trusted Brand of the Month for February, 2013

February 1, 2013 // In SR Awards // By

The winner of the coveted Trusted Brand of the Month award for February, 2013 goes to EVLution Nutrition. With 7 products on our site, and a weighted average of 7.4/10 after 18 reviews, EVLution Nutrition ranks among the top brands on

About EVLution Nutrition:
The goal of EVL Nutrition is simple, provide results. EVL Nutrition was founded on the guiding principles to provide fueling and recovery formulas to aid an athlete’s training program. By taking the time out of your day to research products, you have already made the step in the right direction. We at EVL Nutrition seek to provide you the tools to maximize your body’s potential. Why settle with sub-par products when you can be training with the best.With five unique products,we grant you access to the newest and best products in the evolution of sports nutrition.

Read more about EVLution Nutrition, or visit their homepage:

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