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Aaron Singerman Resigns as CEO of Blackstone Labs!

May 24, 2016 // In News // By RobSky

In a shocking announcement, co-founder and current CEO of Blackstone Labs, Aaron Singerman, reveals he is leaving the company he once helped build to pursue "new and exciting ventures."


The announcement, posted via Singerman's Facebook account, provides a brief account of how Singerman and co-founder PJ Braun first formed Blackstone Labs one night in November 2012 over dinner. Three and a half years later, Singerman says the two have built an organization more successful than either could have imagined and is proud of the work the two have accomplished together but is ready to tackle new projects.




In Singerman's own words, he states, "As Blackstone Labs has grown and matured, so have PJ and I. As businessmen, our goals have also evolved. With that in mind, I have stepped down as CEO of Blackstone Labs. My attention, time, and energy, will now be focused on achieving the same level of success with my other businesses. And in addition to those already-existing businesses, I will be working on some new and exciting ventures."


Although Singerman is stepping down as CEO and no longer having an active role in the day-to-day operations at Blackstone Labs, he maintains that hile I won’t be there to assist in the daily running of Blackstone Labs, he will "remain an equal owner and will assist PJ when appropriate." 



The stunning and sudden announcement from Singerman leaves the supplement industry with quite a few burning questions:


1. What are these "new and exciting ventures" Singerman alluded to? New companies? New products for other companies?


2. Singerman states that PJ will become the current CEO at Blackstone Labs and, but is this permanent or temporary and what direction is the company headed?


3. What are the possible ramifications for Prime Nutrition, a subsidiary of Blackstone Labs?


This is certainly a big shake up for one of the newer and more successful companies in recent memory. As we've seen with other companies, such as MusclePharm, having your CEO resign may not be a good sign of things to come. However, Blackstone Labs/Prime seem to have a different business model than MusclePharm so only time will tell what the future holds.


Stay tuned for any and all future updates!!!

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