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Aaron Singerman, co-founder of Blackstone Labs, Debuts Redcon1

July 25, 2016 // In News // By RobSky

Aaron Singerman, former CEO and co-founder of Blackstone Labs, made in headlines back in May when he announced his departure from the company and partner PJ Braun. At the time, Singerman stated he would be heavily “working on some new. and exciting ventures.”


Two months later, and now we know what some of those “new ventures” are!


In a recent Facebook Live chat, Singerman announced the debut of his new supplement line titled RedCon1. In the 15+ minute discussion, Singerman revealed a few details about his new line including:


  • Releasing 12 products to start begin with. Those called about by name were Total War (pre workout), Isotope (whey isolate powder), and Fade Out (sleep formula)

  • Stated that RedCon1 products will all be non proprietary blends as well as efficaciously dosed, something we’re HUGE fans of

  • Also hinted at a few of the other products included a blend protein powder as well as some type of carb product

  • Lastly, Singerman also stated that RedCon1 will be creating a separate apparel line, something he felt the supp industry was always lacking


Singerman also went on to say that there thousands of supplement companies in the market, and he really wants RedCon1 to be different from the competition. So what specifically will be different?


Here’s what Singerman had to say:


  • Provide stuff for FREE, not supplement mind you, but free valuable content (educational as well as entertaining videos on topics ranging from diet & nutrition to training and more!)

  • Aside from diet and nutrition, he will also give away information on the “science” of how to be successful in business, bodybuilding, etc.

  • In addition to videos, there will also be a series of articles as well as a regularly scheduled podcast to provide new content to fans

  • Finally, Singerman stated that RedCon1 is NOT specifically a “bodybuilding” brand, but a “Results” brand, dedicated to helping people of all walks of life achieve success


We don’t have any labels for the products yet to see how powerful the new formulas will be, but Singerman stated in the video that they should be on the site ( very soon.


It looks like he’s been incredibly busy in the 2 months since his departure from BSL. Make sure to stay tuned to see the rest of the line and just how effective these new products may be!

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