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How-to Guides and Articles


  • Why Your Split Routine Stopped Working

    By joeflah13 February 8, 2017 •   (2)

    Ever since the days of "Pumping Iron," body part split routines have been the default training program for most serious trainees.

  • You Don't Know 'Dick' At The Gym...Or Do You?

    By petey7408 February 17, 2015

    Ah yes, I would like to introduce you to my good friend Richard, who was dubbed to his disliking at a young age, 'Dick'. 

  • Why a dumbbell is called a dumbbell

    By tjfit February 2, 2015

    To be called a "dumbbell" is an insult. It means the name-caller thinks you are a stupid person. So why is a dumbbell called a dumbbell? Is there a connection with the saying "more brawn than brains"? Actually, it has more to do with church bells.

  • Slimming Down "Big" Legs

    By tjfit January 16, 2015

    Everyone has a different fat distribution pattern. Some people put on fat in their upper bodies - arms, upper back and chest. For others, the abdomen accumulates excess fat. Still others have the pear-shaped syndrome - fat is stored in the thighs and hips. All these patterns are dependent on heredity and gender.

  • Common Questions Men Ask About Exercise - Part Two

    By tjfit January 7, 2015

    Answers to common questions from our male readers.

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