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  • A Network of Fake Review Sites to Promote Their Scam Products

    By ExAdmin September 19, 2017 claims to be "the largest and most trusted diet review website on the internet". Unfortunately, this is simply not true. If you go to their homepage, they very prominently tout two products called "18Shake" and "Sletrokor" as the #1 and #2 rated products on their site. Sadly, it turns out these are actually made by the same people behind They go to great lengths to hide this connection, but overlooked one crucial piece of evidence that ties to 18Shake and Sletrokor. More on that below.

  • Nitric Oxide Premium: Claims To Have A Synergistic Blend of Ingredients That Are Oddly Dosed

    By saab September 18, 2017

    Nitric Oxide Premium is a supplement that claims to boost nitric oxide levels, thus enhancing muscle strength, pump, and improving overall workout performance. The supplement claims to be the "hottest muscle growth and bodybuilding supplement" today, fronting a blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline as the foundation of [what they claim to be] their powerful formula. These pills are being sold for different prices, depending on the bundle, but a month's supply is listed for $48.

  • Adiphene - Despite Hype, This Weight Loss Supplement Just Doesn't Work

    By Jimenez2K September 13, 2017

    Adiphene is a weight loss solution covering fat burning, appetite suppression and fat binding. It claims to deliver an efficient solution that apparently works without the user having to perform any kind of physical exercise to complement the treatment, and without the need to make radical dietary changes.

  • XTest Pro: Another T-Booster That Will Only Get You Ripped-Off

    By saab September 11, 2017 •   (3)

    XTest Pro is a performance enhancing supplement that claims to increase muscle mass, cut recovery time, provide explosive workouts, boost free testosterone and burn fat. Made with all natural ingredients, this supplement can't be bought else where but their official website. These pills are listed for $89.74 good for a month's supply. The question, though, is: does XTest Pro deliver to their bold promises?

  • Proactol XS - Unimpressive, Despite Celebrity Shill Mischa Barton

    By Jimenez2K September 6, 2017

    When I first saw Mischa Barton featured on the Proactol XS homepage, I figured the angle - like everything else on the said page - was fake. As I did some research though, to my surprise, I found that Mischa Barton was indeed shilling for the diet pill

  • TEKMale: Underdosed, Pricey, Possibly Ineffective

    By saab September 4, 2017

    TEKMale is an 'all-natural' male enhancement supplement manufactured by TEK Naturals. These pills are claimed to be designed to deliver improvement on sexual performance, boost stamina, and eliminate premature ejaculations, among others. Priced at $74.95 for 30 servings, TEKMale borders on the expensive side of supplements.

  • BCAA 5000 Wins Supplement of the Month for September, 2017

    By ExAdmin September 1, 2017 •   (3)

    The winner of the coveted Supplement of the Month award for September, 2017 goes to BCAA 5000 by NutraBio.

  • DaSlaya Wins Member of the Month for September, 2017

    By ExAdmin September 1, 2017 •   (11)

    The winner of the coveted Member of the Month award for September, 2017 goes to DaSlaya.

  • DBol-GH: Is It Really The 'Legal' Alternative to Dianabol?

    By saab August 30, 2017

    DBol-GH is a 'legal' alternative to steroids that promises to increase HGH production, muscle mass, and enhance strength and endurance. Suspiciously named after "Dianabol," (a synthetic, orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid) this supplement claims to mimic the effects of the aforementioned anabolic steroid without the dangerous side effects. 'Natural and powerful,' DBol-GH is being sold on for $59.99 for a month's supply.o

  • Blackwolf - a Gimmick-Collection Very Secretive about the Important Details

    By Jimenez2K August 27, 2017

    A genuine gimmick-collection is indeed what the Blackwolf supplement line is best described as. It makes use of several such gimmicks, some of them ridiculous, others less so, but all of them quite efficiently employed to grab attention and to exploit the coolness factor to the max.

  • Garcinia Cambogia Select: Nothing But Pure Hype

    By saab August 23, 2017

    Garcinia Cambogia Select is a supplement that promises to aid in weight loss. Mainly made with Garcinia cambogia, a [what they claim to be] 'breakthrough' ingredient that helps in weight management, this diet pills are sold for $48 for a month's supply. With only three ingredients present in their formula, this supplement sure comes with ridiculously bold claims. Now, the question is - does Garcinia Cambogia Select deliver to its promises?

  • Marine Muscle - Another Link in a Chain of Endlessly Recycled Scams

    By Jimenez2K August 20, 2017 •   (1)

    The practice of tossing together a bunch of lukewarm herbal ingredients, topping it all off with just a touch of whey protein and then selling it as some sort of "legal anabolic steroid alternative", is apparently as old as the supplement industry itself.

  • Virility EX: Obviously Not "The Gold Standard" in Male Enhancement

    By saab August 16, 2017

    Dubbed as the "gold standard" in male enhancement, Virility EX is a supplement that promises to improve male performance and sex drive. Additionally, these pills claim to add extra inches to the male package. Made with 'all natural ingredients,' this male enhancement supplement is priced at $49.95 (plus any shipping and handling) for a month's supply. 'All natural,' along with a 'risk-free' trial, it does seem that Virility EX will do anything just to attract potential buyers.

  • Natural Pure Forskolin - a Naturally Pure SCAM

    By Jimenez2K August 14, 2017 •   (1)

    Indeed, Natural Pure Forskolin is a weight-loss supplement scam as clear as the light of day. Usually, I'm not the one to brand a product a scam from the get-go like this, but in this instance, I think I can more than allow myself the luxury.

  • Sletrokor: Fronts An Overly Hyped Ingredient Profile That Barely Works

    By saab August 9, 2017

    Sletrokor is a weight loss supplement that boldly claims to be "voted as the number one weight loss pill of 2017." Essentially, these pills are also said to be made from 100%, all-natural ingredients that work well on delivering results such as suppressed appetite, regulated blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and enhanced metabolism. Listed at $59.99 for a month's supply, Sletrokor definitely is one pricey diet pill. Made from 'all-natural' ingredients, Sletrokor swears to deliver promising results; now the question is, how true are these claims?

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