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  • Marine Muscle - Another Link in a Chain of Endlessly Recycled Scams

    By Jimenez2K August 20, 2017 •   (1)

    The practice of tossing together a bunch of lukewarm herbal ingredients, topping it all off with just a touch of whey protein and then selling it as some sort of "legal anabolic steroid alternative", is apparently as old as the supplement industry itself.

  • Virility EX: Obviously Not "The Gold Standard" in Male Enhancement

    By saab August 16, 2017

    Dubbed as the "gold standard" in male enhancement, Virility EX is a supplement that promises to improve male performance and sex drive. Additionally, these pills claim to add extra inches to the male package. Made with 'all natural ingredients,' this male enhancement supplement is priced at $49.95 (plus any shipping and handling) for a month's supply. 'All natural,' along with a 'risk-free' trial, it does seem that Virility EX will do anything just to attract potential buyers.

  • Natural Pure Forskolin - a Naturally Pure SCAM

    By Jimenez2K August 14, 2017 •   (1)

    Indeed, Natural Pure Forskolin is a weight-loss supplement scam as clear as the light of day. Usually, I'm not the one to brand a product a scam from the get-go like this, but in this instance, I think I can more than allow myself the luxury.

  • Sletrokor: Fronts An Overly Hyped Ingredient Profile That Barely Works

    By saab August 9, 2017

    Sletrokor is a weight loss supplement that boldly claims to be "voted as the number one weight loss pill of 2017." Essentially, these pills are also said to be made from 100%, all-natural ingredients that work well on delivering results such as suppressed appetite, regulated blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and enhanced metabolism. Listed at $59.99 for a month's supply, Sletrokor definitely is one pricey diet pill. Made from 'all-natural' ingredients, Sletrokor swears to deliver promising results; now the question is, how true are these claims?

  • Dermacut - A Hilariously Mundane Ingredient-Profile

    By Jimenez2K August 7, 2017 •   (1)

    Dermacut is made out to be the perfect, one-size-fits-all, effective, targeted and preventive local fat-loss solution, which goes above and beyond its already bold promises, exerting a variety of benefic effects on the skin too

  • Provasil - Yet Another Overpriced, Good-for-Nothing Nootropic

    By Jimenez2K August 3, 2017 •   (1)

    Good-for-nothing cognitive enhancers are really a dime-a-dozen these days, and even at first glance, Provasil fits nicely into this category.

  • ForceFactor Test X180 Ignite: An Overpriced, Prop-Blend Based T-Booster

    By saab August 2, 2017 •   (1)

    Test X180 Ignite by ForceFactor is a 'natural' testosterone booster supplement manufactured by ForceFactor. Sold at GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and its official website, this t-booster promises to deliver mind-blowing results: increased sex drive and libido, fat burning, and enhanced muscle mass, among others. Additionally, this supplement's formula is claimed by the manufacturer to be backed by 'smart science,' stating that their supplement is created by former Harvard University rowers. Listed at $69.99 (plus shipping and handling, and any applicable taxes) for a month's supply, this t-booster definitely comes with a hefty price tag.

  • Request to Have Your New Products Featured on the Homepage

    By admin August 1, 2017

    Our "New Products" section on the homepage is manually curated by our moderators. This area is reserved for popular new products that we think are going to be valuable for our community to know about.

  • Thewhey Wins Supplement of the Month for August, 2017

    By admin August 1, 2017 •   (1)

    The winner of the coveted Supplement of the Month award for August, 2017 goes to Thewhey by MyProtein.

  • Clipper83 Wins Member of the Month for August, 2017

    By admin August 1, 2017 •   (8)

    The winner of the coveted Member of the Month award for August, 2017 goes to Clipper83.

  • Redcon1 Wins Trusted Brand of the Month for August, 2017

    By admin August 1, 2017 •   (1)

    The winner of the coveted Trusted Brand of the Month award for August, 2017 goes to Redcon1.

  • a Disgrace to the Industry that is NOT Affiliated with SR

    By admin July 28, 2017 •   (2)'s page on Testosterone Boosters simply lists 10 "recommended" scammy products that offer a large payout if you click the link on their site and buy them. We'll go through each, one-by-one, and then take a look into how they spammed their way to the #1 spot on Google.

  • Trenbal: Another Supplement That Is An Absolute Waste Of Money

    By saab July 26, 2017

    Dubbed as the "pure bodybuilding dynamite," Trenbal is a supplement manufactured by Nutribal. These are blue pills that claim to be the 'legal' clone of the steroid Trenbolone which promises results that can be acquired by taking steroids without having to take real steroids. Additionally, they claim to deliver what most men dream of: bigger, stronger muscles, improved strength and stamina, and a boost in testosterone levels. Priced at $56.96 for a month's supply, Trenbal can't be purchased elsewhere but their official website. Surely, these blue pills come with intriguingly bold claims. However, the question is - does this supplement really work, or is it another [possible] waste of money?

  • Monster T - A Supplement Scam Taken to the Next Level!

    By Jimenez2K July 24, 2017 •   (1)

    On the surface, with Monster T, we're dealing with a run-of-the-mill scam testosterone booster. This one is backed by a REAL M.D. though...

  • Adderin: Another Nootropic That Barely Does Anything

    By saab July 19, 2017

    Adderin is a brand of nootropics that claims to help the mind by improving memory, focus, processing speed, and flow state. Additionally, this supplement claims not just to enhance cognition but as well as overall power and energy without the crash and harmful side effects. Priced at $74.95 for a month's supply, Adderin definitely is one expensive brain pill.

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