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  • Owned by Wannabe 1st Phorm Sponsored Athlete

    By admin June 7, 2017 •   (3) is a site that popped onto my radar recently. Not because they were promoting affiliate rebill offers, or hosting thousands of shill reviews, but because every single one of their #1 recommended products seemed to be from the same brand: 1st Phorm.

  • Provacyl- Underdosed, Definitely Overpriced, Possibly Useless

    By Jimenez2K June 7, 2017 •   (1)

    Provacyl is yet another testosterone booster which also promises to increase the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), among a bunch of other - positively sensational - effects.

  • If the order form looks like this, you're about to get scammed

    By admin June 6, 2017 •   (1)

    I've developed a certain level of intuition after 10 years of working in the supplement industry. I can sniff out a scam about a mile away. You can do it too - it's really not that hard if you know what to look for.

  • HeadLock Muscle Growth: Will It Get You Ripped or Ripped-off?

    By saab June 5, 2017 •   (1)

    HeadLock Muscle Growth is a performance enhancing testosterone booster that claims to "deliver mind-blowing results." Among their promised 'mind-blowing results' are an increase in muscle mass, a cut on recovery time, explosive workouts, and a better hormone production. Additionally, the said supplement also promises enhanced sexual stamina, sex drive, and sharper mental focus. And while their official site offers a 'free trial,' HeadLock Muscle Growth is actually priced at $88.57.

  • Universities Beware: The Fake Scholarship Backlink Scam

    By admin June 1, 2017

    The Google search engine is one of the most incredible accomplishments of mankind in the last few decades. Billions of people have free access to the largest database of information right at their fingertips. There's a lot of money to be made by ranking your website as #1 in the Google search results, so an entire industry of Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) has been born.

  • AstraGin 200 Wins Supplement of the Month for June, 2017

    By admin June 1, 2017

    The winner of the coveted Supplement of the Month award for June, 2017 goes to AstraGin 200 by Nature Restore.

  • Xcmiler Wins Member of the Month for June, 2017

    By admin June 1, 2017 •   (4)

    The winner of the coveted Member of the Month award for June, 2017 goes to Xcmiler.

  • NatureThin: Overpriced, Lacks Concrete Studies To Back Claims

    By saab May 31, 2017 •   (1)

    Dubbed as "America's healthy weight loss supplement," NatureThin claims to be a revolutionary weight loss supplement that is designed to aid in weight loss while providing essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Manufactured by AlternaScript, NatureThin is being sold for $79.31 for a 60-count bottle, good for a month's a supply.

  • is Corrupt

    By admin May 30, 2017 •   (4)

    "What a great domain name" I thought to myself when I first noticed a while back. At first I didn't think much of it, but then over the years as I started seeing this site rank higher and higher in Google, I figured it was time to check them out.

  • Achieving Zero and Rezults Zero Fat Burners - Irony or Honesty at Work in These Product Names?

    By Jimenez2K May 29, 2017 •   (1)

    Achieving Zero and Rezults Zero are two fat-burner products which feature the same composition, and are - for all intents and purposes - the clones of one another. Why would someone go through the trouble of rebranding a product?

  • Synagen IQ: A Possible Waste Of Money

    By saab May 24, 2017 •   (1)

    Synagen IQ is a nootropic supplement that claims to be a "revolutionary, clinically-proven smart pill" that will help its consumers think faster, remember everything, enhance focus, and eliminate brain fog. Priced at $84.71, this supplement ridiculously promises results like what is seen in the movie "Limitless." Now, this claim just sounds out of this world and I can't help but wonder - does Synagen IQ really deliver to its claims, or is it nothing but another supplement fad?

  • A Gradual Decline in Attention Span with the Rise of Mobile: A look at 60 million visits to our site since 2010

    By admin May 24, 2017

    As the webmaster of, I'm constantly analyzing data and trying to improve some key metrics. One of the most important metrics is the average session duration: how long the average visitor spends on the site.

  • SilaLive - a Massively Overpriced Product with Questionable Effects and Side Effects

    By Jimenez2K May 22, 2017

    SilaLive Silica is a Diatomaceous Earth-based supplement which is supposed to detoxify and cleanse the user's body and soul of everything that's bad. Indeed, the promises made on the official SilaLive website cover all that and much more.

  • NooCube - Big Promises, Shoddy, Prop Blend-Based Ingredient Profile

    By Jimenez2K May 17, 2017

    NooCube is apparently one of the more popular nootropics out there, designed to enhance focus, memory and mental speed. Learning in general is also targeted by this brain supplement, which is apparently supposed to deliver its benefits by increasing the levels of acetylcholine in the brain.

  • TROOPer Run Details

    By admin May 15, 2017 •   (1)

    Please write a brief intro here.One of the great things about the SR TROOPs is that we collect a lot of data about the products our TROOPers obtain through the program. Of particular interest is the start/completion dates of their runs and which products might have overlapped.

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