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  • Trenbal: Another Supplement That Is An Absolute Waste Of Money

    By saab July 26, 2017

    Dubbed as the "pure bodybuilding dynamite," Trenbal is a supplement manufactured by Nutribal. These are blue pills that claim to be the 'legal' clone of the steroid Trenbolone which promises results that can be acquired by taking steroids without having to take real steroids. Additionally, they claim to deliver what most men dream of: bigger, stronger muscles, improved strength and stamina, and a boost in testosterone levels. Priced at $56.96 for a month's supply, Trenbal can't be purchased elsewhere but their official website. Surely, these blue pills come with intriguingly bold claims. However, the question is - does this supplement really work, or is it another [possible] waste of money?

  • Monster T - A Supplement Scam Taken to the Next Level!

    By Jimenez2K July 24, 2017 •   (1)

    On the surface, with Monster T, we're dealing with a run-of-the-mill scam testosterone booster. This one is backed by a REAL M.D. though...

  • Adderin: Another Nootropic That Barely Does Anything

    By saab July 19, 2017

    Adderin is a brand of nootropics that claims to help the mind by improving memory, focus, processing speed, and flow state. Additionally, this supplement claims not just to enhance cognition but as well as overall power and energy without the crash and harmful side effects. Priced at $74.95 for a month's supply, Adderin definitely is one expensive brain pill.

  • How to Support

    By admin July 18, 2017

    We work hard to expose the truth in the supplement industry and bring you a valuable resource you can trust. Here are some ways in which you can give back and support our mission:

  • Phenocal - A Waste of Money with Dangerous Side Effects

    By Jimenez2K July 17, 2017 •   (1)

    Phenocal is another product from the not-too-savory Pharmaxa Labs, a weight loss supplement, the side effects of which may indeed hint to toxicity.

  • PhenQ: A Possible Waste Of Money

    By saab July 12, 2017

    PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that boasts of having the 'powers of multiple weight loss supplements.' This diet pill claims to have a powerful new dieting formula that can burn stored fat, suppress the appetite, block fat production, and improve both mood and energy levels. Listed at $69.95 for a month's supply, PhenQ is definitely bordering the expensive side of supplements.

  • Pro Testosterone - Much Ado About Nothing

    By Jimenez2K July 10, 2017

    Pro Testosterone is another male "youth" supplement, meant to restore one's youthful vigor, stamina and muscle-mass, via the promotion and stimulation of testosterone production.

  • Nitric Max Muscle - Massive Buzz Around a Prop Blend Dud

    By Jimenez2K July 6, 2017 •   (1)

    Nitric Max Muscle is one of the most hyped muscle-building, pump-enhancing, all-natural, super-supplements out there. It promises a lot and it obviously rides the buzz around Nitric Oxide

  • Synapsyl: Definitely Not 'The Viagra For The Brain'

    By saab July 5, 2017

    Touted as 'the viagra for the brain,' Synapsyl is a brand of nootropics that promises to increase one's energy, maintain focus, and boost brain performance. These pills are listed for $44 for a month's supply, along with a flat rate shipping of $9.95. Formulated with ingredients that are all natural, this supplement comes with bold, promising claims. But the question here is - does synapsyl really deliver to its claims?

  • Keep Dream-IN Wins Supplement of the Month for July, 2017

    By admin July 1, 2017

    The winner of the coveted Supplement of the Month award for July, 2017 goes to Keep Dream-IN by Top Tier Athletics.

  • Cray Wins Member of the Month for July, 2017

    By admin July 1, 2017 •   (3)

    The winner of the coveted Member of the Month award for July, 2017 goes to Cray.

  • Sparta Nutrition Wins Trusted Brand of the Month for July, 2017

    By admin July 1, 2017

    The winner of the coveted Trusted Brand of the Month award for July, 2017 goes to Sparta Nutrition.

  • July 4th is the Deadliest Day of the Year on US Roads

    By admin June 30, 2017

    With the 4th of July weekend right around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to look up some stats on how safe the roads actually are during this crazy weekend here in the US. To my surprise, it turns out that July 4th has the most motor vehicle deaths out of any day of the year here in the US, with January 1st (New Year's Day) coming a very close 2nd place.

  • Prostara - Expensive, Dubious Ingredient-profile

    By Jimenez2K June 29, 2017

    Prostara is a prostate supplement, meant to help middle-aged men with a range of symptoms, from a weak urinary stream to frequent nighttime urination and declining sexual health. It's also unimpressive and ineffective.

  • MaleXPro: Poorly Dosed, Possibly Ineffective

    By saab June 28, 2017

    MaleXPro is a male enhancement supplement that claims to improve sexual stamina, enhance erectile function, and stimulate nitric oxide production, overall enhancing male virility. Formulated with what they call 'clinically proven pro-sexual ingredients,' MaleXPro claims to have a revolutionary male enhancement formula that delivers maximum results. This male enhancement supplement is exclusively sold on their official website and is priced at $49 plus $9.95 shipping for a month's supply.

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