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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Ultradrol is a Prohormone manufactured by Antaeus Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,547
Trust: 100%
  February 9, 2012

Hey SR, thought I would drop my review on Ultradrol by Antaeus Labs.

First off, I ran this for 5 weeks, increasing the dosage every 5 days or so. The dosing increments looked like this: 8/12/16/20/24/32.

Also, I stacked this with Trenazone 1/1/1.5/1.5/2 and H-Drol 50/75/75/100/100

I also ran T3 from 25mcg ramped up to 125mcg and back down to 12.5mcg. I also ran Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off from 20mcg up to 100mcg.

My PCT after cycle is Nolva 20/20/10/10 and Clomid 50/50/25/25 along with Stoked, Testopro(have some left over for a week), DAA(until my Dpol shows up), Triazole, Cycle Assist, and Arimadexin PCT (OTC PCT).

Methylstenbolone appears to be a promising compound and has been touted to carrying similar strength and weight increases to superdrol, but with far more limited sides. The anabolic/androgenic ratio is purportedly 660/170. This compound does not convert to estrogen, but may increase freely circulating estrogen and testosterone, which may or may not increase chances for gyno related issues. This is all information gleaned from under the Methylstenbolone information page.

During this cycle, support supplements I took were Cycle assist, milk thistle, Fishoil, Cissus bulk powder, coQ10, Taurine, Creatine Mono, as well as my regular BCAA's and such. Diet during this cycle was exceptionally clean, consisting of Lean Meats, dairy, legumes and beans, cruciforus vegetables, eggs, ect.


To be completely honest, my experience with Ultradrol was very disappointing. As you can see above, I increased my doses to well above recommended levels in order to determine if there was any sort of level that would trigger the impressive strength gains and mass that some beta loggers have experienced. I do not feel like I gained strength on this product, weight was decreasing but that was the plan, and I don't feel like this contributed to any leaning or hardening of my body. Granted, I took this on a cut so I wasn't looking for or desiring massive weight gain, but I seriously doubt 20-25 pounds would be possible for anyone (with any good amount being actual muscle mass) and I was expecting strength to go up at least a little bit.


With how I ran this product, the value was really low. If you read Virtus's review on this he ran it 8/8/12/12 and used less than a bottle. For my cycle, not only did I extend my cycle by a week, but I more than doubled the doseage and stacked it with two other compounds. I used almost two full bottles of this, which would run about $70 bucks just for the Ultra.


This is the shining point, if any, for this product. I may have had phantom back pumps the last week and I did have some extra body acne. But, all things considered running two Methyls and running this one in particular at such a high dose, the lack of sides was really quite impressive.


What can I say? They are pills that don't taste or smell like anything. It did get annoying toward the end taking 8 of them a day, but that's about it.


I highly disagree with comparing this in any way to superdrol, I just didn't see or feel anything near the strength or aggression of superdrol when Im on this. This may indeed be partially due to T3/Clen, I haven't ruled that out, but I feel like at the doses I took I should have had something along the lines of feeling like I was on a prohormone. Looking back at it, besides shoving pills down my throat every 6-8 hours, I wouldn't have even known I was taking anything besides a thermo/stim compound from the T3/Clen.
Overall, because of the cost of this compound compared to others I probably will not buy it again. I do feel like it would be more effective (for me) if I hadn't run it with T3/Clen, but superdrol works even better for me and I can handle the sides from that. I would recommend this to someone on their 3rd or 4th run that wants a low side PH before jumping into SD or who can't handle the sides. For those of us that love good old SD, just stock up and stick with that, it'll never steer us wrong!
  • Low To No Side Effects
  • Might Be Better In Other Stacks
  • Not Effective
  • No Strength Gains
  • No Muscle Hardness
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  January 7, 2012

I ran Ultradrol for six weeks at 12/16/16/16/16/16.

support: cycle assist, Vits, fish-oil
PCT: clomid @ 70/70/35/35

Sides: almost side free, 3 weeks into my cylce my jaw would hurt at random times, not unbearable but just annoying. other than that, almost feel like youre not on anything.

Pros: it didnt make me super strong, or make me feel apha in the gym. but it did give me from time to time great muscle endurance, focus, and pumps. gained 10 lbs, of muscle while maintaining same BF%. (recomp diet)

cons: it feels like youre not on anything. going to the gym felt unexciting. mild fatigue would set in every once and a while. i'd recommend a good preworkout with this product or stacked with DHEA.

Value: pretty pricey, 49.99$ i believe

summary: UD was nice, i would run it again. only next time i would throw in DHEA / Stano / AndroHard with it to give you a little boost on your workouts.
  • Side Free
  • Builds Muscle
    Rep: +185
    Trust: 100%
      January 6, 2012

    This one hurts me to write. I have a previous review of Trenazone which is one of my favorite products ever. Jake and Antaeus Labs is a stand up company and I am looking forward to Aegis Liver support. Unfortunetly I got very little from this product. I started the cycle at 8mg bumped it to 12 then 16 and finally to 20. My primary goal is always strength and I was looking for Superdrol type strength in a less toxic compound. I even stacked this with Epi at 60 and nothing. In all fairness I did gain some BW and I did get thicker in the upper back and delts. I ran a bottle and a half and decided to abort. I went back to SD and Trenazone and strength is starting to increase. One thought though after talking to other lifters I am starting to wonder if this just doesn't work for us older lifters. I have read some glowing reviews from lifters in their 20's and 30's but two other lifters I talked to( one in his 40's and another about 50) had similar results.
      • Not Effective
      Rep: +1,928
      Trust: 100%
        October 5, 2011

      Been wanting to get this review out for a long time. Thank you all for your patience.

      First of all lets start with some information on methylstenbolone, the compound in Ultradrol.

      The above site is an excellent resource by the way, for many compounds.

      I did something different than the other logs out there going on with Ultradrol, I used it on a recomp diet. I am not going to delve to deeply into what that means, beceause Petey has written a guide on recomping that is more informative than anything I could ever put together. You can find it on this site as a sticky in the forums.

      I ran this for 4 weeks.

      This compound works quickly. I noticed visceral changes, a little fat loss and swelling of muscles in a little under a week. I lost a little fat from around my midsection as well as around my pecs and face. This surprised me, especially since I also put on 8lbs. This put me up near 223lbs.

      One of the things that I noticed early on was not just a the "constant pump" feeling that I get with compounds like Superdrol, but also a "healthier" feeling all over in my musculature. I had more energy, less buildup of lactic acid, more endurance, the ability to throw up those extra reps that I couldn't previously.

      Bench press gained more in the endurance aspect than the 1rm aspects. For example, I got 285 up 8x for the first time on bench. I got 305 for 4, 315 for 3 to match my 1rm record. I didn't go for 1rm's just to be softer on my joints.

      I took no pre-wo's or creatine, saving my Greenmag for PCT. I took fishoil, glucosamine, a generic multi from costco. I used Cycle Assist as I usually do, but I take all of my CA pm before bed.

      PCT is Torem/Clomid combo.
      Purus Labs Recycle, PP TCF-1 DAA.

      Also in PCT I have Peptides
      GHRP-2/Ipramorelin (switching off) and modGRF1-29, both 3x daily 100/mcg each.

      I am up 4lbs in PCT and down in BF. And feeling great.

      Sides that I got from Ultradrol were non-existant, and this is a big deal because Superdrol, which I would absolutely compare UD to in terms of compound strength, makes me feel horrendous. I have not had a chance to do bloods yet, but will at the end of my PCT. Superdrol gives me massive lethargy all the time and slight nausea when I go to 30mg/ed. Ultradrol didn't do any of this. I did get feel a little sick once, but I don't think it had anything to do with UD. I do feel that UD is slightly less strong than SD, but is simply based on my "feel" during the cycle.

      Cycles with this stuff for bulking are going to be amazing. I think that 15-20lbs is easily attainable. 3-4 week cycles are probably all that is necessary, which is great because 6 weeks cycles get annoying for me personally toward the end.

      Best part, I think that UD can be stacked with non-methyl safely and effectively. Trenazone is what I specifically have in mind for my next cycle. Also, my cycle with UD didn't even use up an entire bottle....
      • Increased Energy
      • Euphoria
      • Increased Recovery
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value

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