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Aegis is a Cycle Support Product manufactured by Antaeus Labs. It is meant to be taken when using synthetic hormone products to help protect the body's internal organs, decrease blood pressure and prevent excess water retention along side helping with overall health.

  April 30, 2012

  • Reduced Sludgy Feeling
  • Prevents Almost All Back Pumps
  • Cool Bottle
  • Little Pricey
Ok guys. I know you have been biting your nails waiting for this one. Ok, maybe it was just me, I waited patiently for Antaeus Labs to re-release their liver protector AEGIS and let me tell you what, it was well worth the wait. I haven't tried a lot of cycle support products in terms of variety, but when it comes to that sort of thing, you find something that works well and you stick with it. I have heard that TUDCA products such as Liver Longer (rip) and Aegis are the best you can get and I'm here to tell you that what I've heard is true. Lets get to it!

Polyenylphosphatidylcholine 300mg + Tauroursodeoxycholic acid 150mg

There are many types of liver injury, but only one is normally associated with the use of oral androgens -- cholestasis. This condition is defined as a failure of normal bile to reach the duodenum, which may be due to a number of different pathological states between the hepatocyte and the ampulla of Vater. When one takes oral androgens (typically methylated at C17a) the physical structure of the hepatocyte is altered -- microfilaments and canaliculi become less contractile. Disruptions in the canalicular bile salt export pump may also occur. This leads to impaired bile flow and the retention of highly cytotoxic hydrophobic bile salts. At low concentrations, these retained bile salts cause apoptosis; at higher concentrations, necrosis and severe liver damage.

This is where AEGIS comes into the picture. It was designed with users of oral androgens in mind, and brings together the best anti-cholestatic ingredients available.

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid:
-Can prevent apoptosis during cholestasis. Toxic bile acids produce apoptosis Via fas- and TRAIL- death receptor mediated pathways. Both are, to some degree, dependent on the translocation of the 'bax' pro-apoptoic molecule from the cytosol of hepatocytes to the cell mitochondria. TUDCA prevents bax translocation, strongly stabilizes mitochondrial membranes, and activates the MAPK pro-survival pathway in hepatocytes. (1) These effects protect hepatocytes from bax-related apoptosis.
-Is a hydrophilic bile acid, and its presence markedly shifts the bile pool towards hydrophilicity, which, to some extent, detoxifies it. When used consistently, especially at pharmacological doses, TUDCA (along with UDCA) eventually becomes the predominant bile acid in the liver and in general circulation. (2)
-Directly stimulates bile secretion via modulating cellular signalling pathways in hepatocytes, such as ERK, src, PKC and others. These signalling pathways generally phosphorylate, or activate, the bile salt export pump (BSEP) and other processes involved in bile export/secretion. (For example, PKC-alpha-mediated secretion of HCO3-.) (3, 4, 5)

-Stabilizes cellular membranes and dilates bile canaliculi. This former effect has been shown to protect human cells from hydrophobic bile salt induced apoptosis (6), and the latter may serve to counteract the reduction in contractility seen in androgen-induced cholestasis. (7)
-Oral androgen administration may decrease hepatic Na+, K+-ATPase, Ca2+, Mg2+-ATPase and F-actin levels --- all of which may be restored, and even raised, by polyenylphosphatidylcholine administration. (8)
-Is secreted into bile by hepatocytes, where it serves as a major component of the micelles in which bile acids are emulsified. Increased levels of biliary phosphatidylcholine reduces the cytotoxicity of bile acids, whereas phosphatidylcholine-secretion impairment (as is often seen in ABCB4 disease) is characterized by extremely severe cholestatic liver disease. (9)

To summarize: Aegis is highly-potent, highly-specific liver protection for people taking hepatotoxic oral androgens. Superior protection cannot be bought, nor should it be needed.

(Copied and Pasted from Antaeus Labs website)




I have become a lot more stingy with 10 ratings as I have tried to be completely thorough in my reviews of products. I took this product at the recommended 4 caps per day for 30 days during my Powerlabs Androdrol run. Androdrol is a trimethylated, four ph stack that contains 20mg Hdrol, 20mg Epistane, 15mg M-Lmg, and 10mg Superdrol per capsule. I also ran BPS Dermacrine throughout this cycle.

I ran the cycle for 28 days total, the first 21-22 days at 2 caps per day and the remaining days at 3 caps per day. I only experienced intermittent back pumps on the last 3-4 days of taking 3 caps per day. This was kind of amazing to me and I admit I probably pushed it taking 3 caps per day, but you need to understand how I react to prohormones. Superdrol at 20mg by itself will make me feel sort of sludgy after a week or so and as soon as I bump up to 30mg the back pumps kick in full force and I can get them from walking too quickly, keep in mind at that point I am still on a regular cycle assist product, such as AI Sports Nutrition's Cycle Support. With Aegis, I was taking, not only 20mg of superdrol, but 40mg Epi, 40mg HDrol, and 30mg of M-LMG. And I took that for 3 full weeks before kicking up the dosage to 30 Super, 60Epi, 60H, and 45 M-LMG. And I only had slight, intermittent back pumps! I also had no sludgy feeling whatsoever, although I believe Dermacrine is partially responsible by cutting down lethargy ect. Other than slight back pumps toward the end of the cycle, I only experiences a little lethargy and oily skin, that's it and that's not bad at all.




Yeah, its not cheap. You will find it usually for around 45 bucks for a 30 day supply. That's 1.50 a day to keep sides down, prevent or reverse liver damage, and for a stack such as this, not only worth it, but completely necessary. I will post a review on Androdrol in the near future, but I will pound into it the need for proper on and post cycle support such as this. If you value your health, its a good value no matter what the cost. If you aren't willing to pay 50 for cycle support, you have no business running prohormones.




Well if it works so great why the 9? Listen, I love this stuff. I will suggest it to anyone who cares to listen and even some that don't. It's not a perfect 10 because eventually someone will make a better product. I don't know if they will/can, but why not make something that basically mixes AEGIS with traditional cycle support? Anyway, this is the best I have found on the market today and I will never run another prohormone cycle without it. Period.


  • gms585
    Rep: +148
    April 30, 2012

    Great review. Did you use Hawthorne Berry or any thing else as support?

  • FlashSunday
    Rep: +3,549
    April 30, 2012

    I preloaded cycle assist and am using it post cycle. I also took cycle assist in half doses on workout days and full dose when I got to 3 caps a day during cycle. I also took CoQ10 and taurine which I took 5-10 grams a day.

  • Virtus
    Rep: +1,931
    April 30, 2012

    Yeah this stuff is really the best thing out there you can get off regular sites. Still need supps for blood pressure and hdl/ldl cholesterol.

  • AS79
    Rep: +3,848
    April 30, 2012

    Nice review Flash. Do you think this stuff is good for mild stuff like h-drol, or is it overkill?

  • FlashSunday
    Rep: +3,549
    April 30, 2012

    I don't think any level of protection is overkill for a ph cycle. Superdrol and multiple compounds I would deem absolutely necessary.

  • May 1, 2012

    Get some blood work done buddy cause using androdrol is just plain stupid. And their is nothing out there that can prevent you from all the damage that androdrol will make to your body. Plus the back pumps are the kidneys screaming for help. Why put 4 oral steroids in your body?

  • Mooselini
    Rep: +2,860
    May 1, 2012

    ^^^ I think Flash knows what hes doin homie

  • hulkish1
    Rep: +4,726
    May 1, 2012

    solid review flash. i think if i run another oral aas/ph/ds i will pick up this product as well.

  • FlashSunday
    Rep: +3,549
    May 1, 2012

    Ha. Well on paper you are right, but if there is a right way, I did it. I ran low dose most of the time. If you read the doses they are quite low for h drol and mlmg. And I only had back pumps the last 3-4 days when I pushed it. I think its safe to say that with proper support and minimal dosage it can he run relatively side-free. Bloodwork after pct to see how that looks.

  • Speez
    Rep: 0
    May 1, 2012

    Flash...on reply No;2, Finally someone that is doing it the right way, those preventive steps you outlined will go along way, you can actually do 3-4 cycles a year if you follow safe protoclols like that.

  • FlashSunday
    Rep: +3,549
    May 1, 2012

    Thank you. What can I say, I'm fond of my liver :)

  • poppapat1503
    Rep: +1,154
    September 6, 2015

    That sounds like one hell of a cycle!

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