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Stimulant X has been reported as discontinued.

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Stimulant X Reviews

By: Anabolic Xtreme

  February 13, 2013

  • Good Value
  • Clean And Long-lasting Energy
  • Great Appetite Suppression
  • Focus
  • Makes You Sweat
    This review is for the new Stimulant X formula, the one that comes in the blue box, not the one shown in the picture.

    I will not write review as usial, just say a few words about it.

    Energy! -
    This product worked for me better then pre workouts i tryed! it give a GOOD energy boost and really good mood as i was on light drugs!

    When i taked the product i did not followed a low caloris diet so it is hard for me to say if it work or not but i did not loss even a kilo.

    Also it has a appetite supression and it is great.

    I have a few pills left and use them as a preworkout.

    If not a side effect of fat burner i will take it as a preworkout all the time but you can not use it more than 45 days.

    I recommend to try this product and if you combine it with low caloris diet i am sue you will have a good results as energy for sure.

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