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Tauro-Test Reviews

By: Anabolic Designs

  December 14, 2013

  • Good Value
  • Visible Gains
  • Keeps You Dry
  • Keeps You Lean
    Hey ladies and gents!

    I have used Tauro test I think four times now - each time as part of a PH pct for relatively short, low-medium dose mild PHs - such as Trenavol, Epi and Halo

    Each time I have stayed dry and lean - I haven't kept all of my gains in terms of mass/weight - but a certain amount must be glycogen retention that you lose.

    I have however managed to keep a great deal of strength each time - and in fact post cycle felt like I was still 'ON' with some exercises even increasing post cycle whilst using Tauro Test.
    For example bench and deadlift - increasing by up to 10-20 Kg over the course of a 4 week tauro test as part of PCT.

    For mild PHs all I have needed was tauro test & creatine ethyl ester (which I combined each time with tauro test) - and like I said strength maintained on MOST stuff and even went up on certain exercises. Sex drive and libido always up on Tauro test. Always stay dry as its mildly anti-estrogenic.
    Sexual performance always decent on this stuff post cycle - Im a big fan of horny goat weed for that area - which this stuff contains.

    My diet always remains consistent, low sodium, 6 meals per day, pre workout Lglutamine & Bcaas (sometimes with a pre workout formula too) one post workout shake on training days only. Weighed out carbs and protein from clean sources and estimated healthy fats added in to meals.

    I have heard a lot of people say that this stuff has gained a few pounds of muscle and dropped a little around their waist (which would make sense if the GH boost is decent - which I reckon it is but have had no bloods to evaluate those thoughts).
    I notice that this has kept me lean post cycle and dry - but I have never noticed mass gains on it - although you have to consider that I have never used it as a stand alone 'cycle' as such - always as part of a PCT to just sustain as much as possible, therefore I cannot really say that my body has ever been in a perfect state whilst running this to get the benefits of a kind of stand alone cycle - as I was always 'recovering'.

    I coincidently tried 'RELOAD' by Extreme Nutrition I think the company is(I could be wrong)one time as part of PCT and strength wise I got comparable results from the reload - but I did not stay lean - I think the bulbine in the reload messes with glycerol and triglycerides and cholesterol levels which are no good post cycle for me - I wont use the reload again because the Tauro Test does a better job for me.

    The thing that concerns me with tauro test is not driving my estrogen levels too low on it - if my cycle is anti estrogenic and then I use tauro test it may have hindered my gains a little bit - but I have had no rebound estrogen after using it so I think it is just mild anti - E which is good for watery or bloated guys who have a bit of fat to shift (which is why it has probably had more recompositional effects on others rather than me as I am already pretty lean and dry)

    All in all I think it is a must try for people who want to try and gain a few extra pounds or strength gains whilst trying to lean gain - or trying when cutting naturally and need something to keep your test up to keep gains whilst cutting into some fat. Or if you are doing mild PHs and want an OTC pct that actually helps you recover.

    COMMENTS (2)

    • BrooklynBuff
      Rep: +1,188
      December 14, 2013

      Suggesting that OTC pcts are adequate for steroids may not be a good idea for everyone.

    • December 23, 2013

      BrooklynBuff - Please remember the following points throughout my review: a) I said as 'part' of my PCT - meaning a supporting supplement b) I never used the term PCT for 'steroids' - I said as part of a PCT for MILD PRO HORMONES at LOW DOSAGE, for SHORT CYCLES - Pro hormones are not technically classed as steroids unless they convert to known steroids - so please don't quote 'steroids' in regards to my review. c)Understand the nature of the compounds I referenced: Epistane for one has its own SERM - at low doses it raises LH & FSH - pre raising them to make pct easier. H-drol is also weak at low end doses of around 50mg - this is why it is a common first cycle - not likely to shut you down if ran low dose for short cycles d) Not everybody has access to prescription PCTs - and therefore have to settle for the best choice OTC and in my experience this is it under those circumstances. Also advising the use of prescription PCTs are not without their problems - many of them have risks and known problems associated with them... e) 'Suggesting that OTC PCTS.....' - I did not generalise in the manner that you are assuming, I never suggested such a general point - I referenced two strong OTC supplements not OTC PCTs in general.

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