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Tauro-Test Reviews

By: Anabolic Designs

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  August 22, 2011

  • Builds Muscle
  • Visible Gains
  • A Little Expensive!
Time for another review finally...

Well as most of yall know I really liked P6. I had some pretty good gains from it and definatley kept them.

I decided to try this after talking to my boy JMetal about it. I only took 1 bottle of it which lasted a month. I am currently finishing out my 8 week cycle with Isa-Test GF. So I will let yall know how I feel about it.

Before I "rate" it I want to say that through all 4 weeks I felt better than I did on the P6. I didnt have as much "backne" which is cool, but had me worried about wether or not it was working. Well if you look at my log you will see it is definatley working!

Price/Value: 7/10 It is pretty expensive at 60$ But compared to P6 its alot cheaper!

Ingredients: 7/10(Im not a huge fan of prop blends)
**Testobullismâ„¢ (Patent Pending) Proprietary Blend Testosterone Amplification Matrix: 600mgs
**Longjack (Tongkat Ali), Fenugreek Extract (50% Fenusides), Horny Goat Weed (Icarin 40%), Methoxyisoflavone, 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran 95%
**Secretrophonâ„¢ (Patent Pending) Proprietary Blend GH-Inducing Blend: 300mgs
**Alpha GPC, Macuna Pruriens (20% L-Dopa)
CAMP Agonists 670mcgs
**Estocutâ„¢ (Patent Pending) Proprietary Blend Estrogen Modulation Matrix: 200mgs
**I-3-C, White Button Mushroom, Resveratrol
**Tauro-Driveâ„¢ (Patent Pending) Proprietary Blend Delivery System Matrix: 45mgs
**Black Pepper Extract, Ginger Root (5% Gingerols), Cayenne Powder
**Vitamin B-6 (3.3mg)
**Zinc Chelate (5mg)

Effectiveness: 9/10
I was stacking this with TCF-1 so that helped, but I noticed alittle strength gain and that everything stayed full and hard throughout the day by the end of week 2. Weeks 3 and 4 just got better.
I believe that an 8 week cycle would be amazing! But Isa-Test is alittle cheaper so I went that route.

Dosage: 9/10
2 pills 3x a day isnt that bad IMO. But make sure what ever time you train you take a dosage an hr before.
Overall: 9/10
I really liked Tauro-Test. It had a better effect than P6 did, and it was ALOT cheaper. Only thing that would be better is if the price would come down, but thats a small set back for a great T-booster. Check out my log to see before/after pics


  • August 22, 2011

    i'm a young lifter and i use a test boosters beore..i used a-hd and stacked it with solid and i noticed big gains.. now im on p6..i'm wondering if you know any better test booster that you would recoomend

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