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Tauro-Test Reviews

By: Anabolic Designs

  February 20, 2011

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • A Little Expensive!
My Review on Anabolic Designs Tauro-Test

Tauro-Test was by far my favorite supplement to log, and ive logged quite a few, as with any Test booster I kind of look at them like whatever because I used to use the real thing a while back, and I know that feeling of getting great results and Fast - what I loved about Tauro-Test though was that its not just your ordinary test booster, it has HGH'>Growth Hormone enhancers , estrogen level reducers, fat loss agents and antioxidants as well as select vitamins! which is what I like to see if I am going to toss out 70 bucks for a test booster!

week 1 - got stronger and leaner
week 2 - got stronger and leaner
week 3 - got stronger and leaner, with some noticeable vascularity, definition, size
week 4 - got stronger and leaner, with some noticeable vascularity, definition, size

Week 4 is when I started noticing the most results, I am a lot more defined that 1 month ago, and ive gained some size in my chest and fore- arms as well as traps that ive noticed - unfortunately I am done with Tauro-test , I think if taken for another month that I could see some amazing potential and that a 2 month cycle would be best for people serious about Great results also the last 2 weeks definitely noticed a rise in libido

would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a test-booster or anyone using dat der Cell-Tech for an addition to their PCT

also adding my review to and

* Taste ---- 10/10 (no taste) - easy to take small pills - and cool indigo color
*Smell---- 10/10 no smell
*effectiveness ----10/10
*convenience ---- 10/10
*price ---- 8/10 ($69.95 for 180 capsules - not bad at all)
*quality ---- 10/10


  • February 20, 2011

    very good review,but i wouldn't spend $70 bucks on a test can get better results if you buy some bulk glutamine,arginine,tribulus,dopa, and a caffiene pill for 70 bucks

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