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Tauro-Test Questions

By: Anabolic Designs

Rep: +27

Do I need PCT on this?

October 15, 2013

Yea do I need PCT on this ?


Rep: +4,736
Posted October 15, 2013

by the looks of it no it is a simple test booster and a below avg one at that. you should really look into tx-3
from Lecheek it is pretty cheap and has much better ratio of content.
Rep: +6,694
Posted October 15, 2013

Lots of others out there way better than this.
D-pol by Purus labs
Isa Test gf by Isotari
Testogen XR by RCSS
Or just a cheap Bulk DAA supplement.
You can also get creative with these as well. By getting some D-pol and adding something like Erase with it. Or a bulk DAA and Erase.
Do a search on here and you should find plenty of threads about all these.
Rep: +6,694
Posted October 15, 2013

Also meant to ask are you looking for a PH? Or just a booster. I would think at your age, your test levels should still be fairly high.
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