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Gr8tst Reviews

By: Alpha Pro Nutrition

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Gr8tst is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Alpha Pro Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

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  November 16, 2014

  • Tastes Good
  • Strength Gains
  • Increased Muscle Hardness
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    This company Alpha Pro Nutrition has been out for almost a year now and I have really enjoyed this company and their products so far. I was pretty excited to give this a try when I heard it was coming out. This is their new test booster which has a 3 in 1 formula which I will explain in the ingredient part below. Also what got me excited to try this was the unique flavor they went with as one of their flavors Anabolic cola with a lemon twist.

    Serving Size: 1 Scoop
    Servings Per Container: 45

    Amount Per Serving

    Calories - 0
    Vitamin D - 400 IU
    Vitamin B6 - 10 mg
    Magnesium - 360 mg
    D-Aspartic Acid - 3500 mg

    Maca Root, Chrysin Extract, 3,3'-Diimdolymethane

    L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Mettle Root, Chaste Tree Frui Extract, Longjack Root Extract

    Agmatine Sulfate. Citrulline Malate, Arginine AKG, L-Arginine

    Other Ingredients:
    Citric Acid, Vegetable Juice, Beta Carotene, Natural Flavors, and Sucralose.

    This I think has a pretty decent profile. I really like the 3 in 1 formula they put in here. It's nice to have all three of these in one product. You get a test booster DAA, Estroblocker and a NO accelerator blend. This seemed to be dosed fairly well for the most part but some areas could be upped a little I think. I wish this was not in prop blends. Knowing how much of each ingredient you get would be nice to know. I like it when a company releases a test booster that has an estrogen blocker in it.

    Since this was just recently released not many sites have it yet. I know of a couple sites so far that have this and they both are selling this for $44.99. I don't think that is to bad a price considering you get 45 servings and you get 3 products in 1. To buy each of these products separately you would have to spend a lot more money and I think it would be pretty costly.

    I got the Anabolic cola with a lemon twist flavor. I was pretty excited to try this when heard this was one of the flavors. The other flavor they have is strawberry kiwi which I have not tried yet. I figured the anabolic cola would either taste really good or really bad. WOW I thought this was some pretty tasty stuff. This tasted way better than I thought it would. Tastes just like cola with lemon in it. I thought it was a little on the sweet side but other than that I really liked it a lot. It was nice to have something different for flavor instead of your normal flavors you always get.

    Like I said their are 45 servings in this. You only need one serving per day. I found taking this about 45 to 60 mins before my workout seemed to work pretty good. Like all powder test boosters this did not mix very well. Because of the DAA you always get little pieces left over that don't mix in water. Easy way to fix that is when your done drinking it just add a little more water and swish it around a little and then slam it.

    This is the first time I had been on a test booster in a long time and was looking forward to trying this. I had just finished taking a fat burner I was on and know it caused me to loose some of my strength which is normal when on a fat burner. I was really excited to see how this product would increase my strength gains after taking the fat burner. This product worked really well for me. Not long after I started taking this I could really start to see some good results. All my lifts started to really go up a lot and I got a lot of really good strength gains. I know on some of my lifts I was doing the most weight I had ever done for the number of reps I was doing. I usually do high reps and fairly heavy weight.

    I felt a lot more fullness in my muscle and looked more vascular at times. I could tell after being on this for awhile I was looking a bit more leaner and there was a little more cut in my muscles. I felt my energy levels were increased and I could push it a little harder and longer. Yes there were some increases in my libido and I noticed a little more aggression when working out. I felt I could focus better with the added aggression I was getting. The accelerator blend they put in this for pumps was nice to have. I did notice some good pumps from this and a little more vascular.

    When on a test booster I always like to add an estrogen blocker if you can so having this all ready in there was really nice. To be a little safer it's always good to add an estrogen blocker if you can but it's not necessary. An estrogen blocker is great to have to help get rid of the build up of estrogen in your body and so you don't get the b**** tits they call it.

    Side Effects:
    My biggest side effect from any test booster I have taken is the really bad acne I always get. With this product I broke out pretty bad with acne which I really disliked. When I get the acne it usually shows up in weird places and it bad and very hard to get rid of. When you break out with acne it is a good and bad thing. I know that when I start to break out means your test levels are going up more and it's working. This is one of the biggest reasons I have not taken a test booster in a long time because of how badly I breakout with acne and don't like that.

    I really enjoyed this product a lot and would for sure recommend people try this if your looking for a decent tester booster that all ready has an estrogen blocker in it and an added bonus accelerator blend for pumps. I feel this gave me a lot of really good results and helped me a lot in all areas a test booster should work in. If I am in the need for a decent tester booster again I would more than likely give this another try. Next time I would like to try their strawberry kiwi flavor.

    COMMENTS (1)

    • zbikowski88
      Rep: +3,125
      November 17, 2014

      I'm really looking forward to receiving my GRTEST after reading your review. I will be getting the other flavor to stack with UPLOAD.

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